Pretty Little Liars – The Guilty Girl’s Handbook – Recap

Could it be? Did Pretty Little Liars finally take a step to further a plot? Did we finally focus less on Aria’s boring relationship drama? Well..Yes to the first one. Not so much on the second. Aria is still being Aria. Only this week, she’s wearing a hideous outfit and I can’t even focus on the first 10 minutes of the episode.

Recap for “The Guilty Girl’s Handbook.”

Emily and her mother are now living at a motel after a mysterious car with no driver plowed through their home. A is such a bitch. To try and get her mind off of other things, Emily’s mom encourages her to focus more on her college education. Emily meets with Ezra to go over her applications and Ezra asks if things with A have started back up again. He’s no fool. Probably because he’s A. (I hope. Fingers crossed!)

Ezra tells Emily to try getting a recommendation from her old supervisor Zoe. Zoe was with Emily the Summer she spent building houses. Surprise Rumer Willis appearance. Emily wants to go back next Summer. I don’t blame her for wanting to get the hell out of Rosewood.

Spencer is back to sleuthing this week but she seems to be trying to help Toby instead. She finds some notes in her mom’s files that says Eddie Lamb was interviewed the night Toby’s mother jumped. His statement doesn’t match Wilden’s. Was Wilden covering something up? Probably. But I still don’t really care. Sorry Toby. There are other more interesting things going on.

And guess what? It’s not with Aria. Sigh. Her brother is taking martial arts and hanging with his buddies. For some reason Aria is super concerned but then spends the rest of the episode as a walking advertisement for Insidious 2.

When Hanna learns her mother didn’t make bail and will be transferred to another prison, she decides enough is enough. It’s time to take matters into her own hands. Hanna wants to confess to killing Detective Wilden. Because THAT makes sense. Not ya know, risking A ruining her life by telling the police the truth..she’d rather ruin her life in prison instead.

Hanna asks Mona for help living in the biggest lie she’ll ever tell. Mona coaches her about self-defense so she’s ready from every possible point. Caleb is pissed and Hanna just tells him to leave her alone. One step closer to Ravenswood. After doing such a good job with Hanna, it’s a huge shocker to everyone when Mona waltzes into the police station to confess to the murder herself.

What? Why??

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