Teen Wolf Episode 3.09 "The Girl Who Knew Too Much"

Last week, Peter Hale and Gerard Argent were unreliable narrators and gave us insight into the backstory of the Hales, specifically Derek. This week, we finally found out what the heck Lydia Martin is, and my Darach theory turns out (unsurprisingly) to be true.

The episode begins with Deputy Tara arriving at Beacon Hills High at night, responding to a call. After being startled by Danny and his friends who were practicing for the recital the following night, she tries to contact dispatch but only gets the weird Darach chant. She sees a body being dragged away and goes to investigate, and in the locket room she sees herself dead in the locker room showers. The Darach strangles her, and then leaves her body in the shower in the same position she just saw. Scott and Stiles arrive where they find Lydia and Allison waiting after Lydia called them when she ended up there without knowing how. Scott then finds the body of the Deputy on top of the Beacon Hills High sign. The next day Stiles tries to eavesdrop as his father investigates her death at the school, but the Sheriff catches him and says that Stiles needs to step off, but Stiles insists that he has a connection to Tara as she used to help him with his homework at the station. Allison is in her bed, telling her father that she’s not feeling up to school or the recital, but as soon as Chris leaves, she is out of the bed, fully dressed. She grabs one of her ring daggers and notices that her window is open, and yanks Isaac through and straddles him on the floor (I smell a future couple cooking) and says that Scott doesn’t need to send him to look after her, as she can look out for herself.

In Ms. Blake’s class, she’s lecturing on idioms and analogies when she notices Lydia drawing a tree. Jennifer comments that she wasn’t aware that Lydia had so many talents, and in true Lydia style she responds, “you and every guy I’ve ever dated”, which is an example of an idiom. She continues her lecture and gives examples of idioms – “jump the gun” and “seeing the whole board”, which Stiles recognizes because his father plays chess. Scott plans for Lydia to distract Aiden so they can talk to Ethan, because he has the idea that the Darach could have been an emissary to the Alpha pack. In the hallways, Aiden warns Ethan that he needs to stop seeing Danny, but Ethan argues back saying that Danny is harmless, so Aiden threatens him, saying that he needs to stop seeing him or he’ll tear Danny’s face off. Lydia gets Aiden into their normal make out spot in Coach Finstock’s office, and they pause and have a talk about what happened with Boyd. There is a bang on the door and a claw draws a spiral on the window. Meanwhile Scott and Stiles are talking to Ethan, trying to get information, because they know that he is reluctant to kill. Ethan tells his story about how he and Aiden used to be omegas who couldn’t control their powers and how they were badly abused, how when Deucalion showed up he taught them how to control it and they killed their entire pack. In the locker room, Aiden comes out expecting to face off with Derek but instead is attacked by Cora. Ethan explains that all of the Alpha pack’s original emissaries are dead, and he then feels the attack on Aiden, who has smacked Cora in the face with a weight. Ethan and Scott arrive in time to stop the fight, and Stiles realizes that Cora is very badly injured.

At the Argent’s apartment, Allison has the theory that her father is the Darach because of his map, and that he knows way too much. She and Isaac go over the map with a black light and notice a pattern under the map – it’s a fivefold knot, the same one found on the druidic tree last episode. The words ‘virgins’, ‘warriors’, ‘healers’, ‘philosophers’ and ‘guardians’ are written in the knots. Cora’s wound isn’t healing and she berates Scott, Stiles and Lydia for being a bunch of stupid teenagers who only ever show up too late. Stiles gives her a ride home. At the school’s athletic fields, Jennifer runs up to Derek and hugs him, asks how he is and where he’s been. They kiss and she leaves as the bell goes with a smile. Stiles is driving Cora home when Allison calls, warning Stiles about the ‘guardians’ and Stiles realizes that he needs to tell his father about the truth, with Cora’s help. Scott goes to see Ms Morrell who confirms that she isn’t the Darach, and that Deucalion wants Scott to willingly join his pack, or turn him into a killer, destroying his True Alpha potential. In another classroom, a teacher is writing on the board which is replaced by the fivefold knot, and his chalk drops to the ground and rolls to Lydia. She writes the number 2 in one of the knots, realizes what she’s done and screams. Later she tries to convince a skeptical Jennifer to call the police, and after declaring that she’s psychic, she yells out that she’s “something!” In his bedroom, Stiles is pacing, trying to figure out a way to tell his father what’s going on while Cora looks on from his bed. He dives into a chess analogy, that his father’s never seen the whole board. Allison receives a text about the missing teacher, and that she’s now convinced her father is the Darach and she and Isaac find the place where he’s most likely to be sacrificed. At the Stilinski house, Stiles has been using chess pieces to explain everything to his confused father, who gets angry and believes that Stiles is lying, but when he begs Cora to demonstrate, she collapses.

Allison and Isaac arrive at an abandoned building and head inside quietly. The teacher can be seen suspended with chains and behind him, the Darach. Allison runs forward but with a shout of “get down!”, Chris Argent appears with double pistols and unmatched badassery, but the Darach still gets away. Chris tells them that he’s been tracking the Darach, and Allison realizes that they were wrong about the latest round of victims – not guardians, but philosophers. Allison calls Scott and Stiles who realize that all of the teachers are going to the school recital, organized by Ms. Blake. Allison, Isaac and Chris head to the recital, while Stiles and his father deliver Cora to the hospital. The Sheriff refuses to believe Stiles, who mentions that his mom would have believed. In the school auditorium, Ethan fixes Danny’s tie and hair (and I swooned a little) while Scott scans the crowd. Lydia arrives and says that she can’t leave, because maybe if she accepts whatever she is, she could find someone before they die. In the hospital, Derek is distraught at Cora’s bedside; she doesn’t know what’s wrong with her but Derek vows that he won’t leave her, not again. The Sheriff gives in and asks Melissa for some old hospital records from over ten years ago. At the recital, the music begins and Lydia gets a text from Aiden and leaves to go and meet him. At the hospital, Melissa and the Sheriff go through files of a Jane Doe, and Melissa tells the Sheriff that while they were treating her, hundreds of birds committed mass suicide, however the Sheriff realizes that they were sacrifices. Lydia enters a darkened schoolroom and gets knocked out by – guess who! – Ms Blake (and I’m pretty sure everybody, including myself, called this).

Inside the concert, the orchestra seems to be possessed and they are playing the Darach death chant, concerning the audience. Lydia is crying and is in pain, while Jennifer performs a typical villainous monologue. She explains that Lydia isn’t a sacrifice, just a girl who knew too much. However before she can tighten the garrote around her neck, Lydia screams – screams so loud it echoes and every single wolf in Beacon Hills can hear her. Ms Blake is amazed and finally reveals what Lydia is – a banshee (I totally called this as well fyi, but it doesn’t make it any less awesome). She then tries to kill Lydia again, and in the orchestra a piano string breaks and slices the throat of the pianist, stopping the performance and breaking everyone out of their trance. As Ms Blake is about to slit Lydia’s throat, Sheriff Stilinski is there with a gun, and she hurls it at him. Scott arrives wolfed-out, which the Sheriff sees, and attacks Ms Blake. She hurls him away easily and shoves a desk in front of the door so Stiles can’t get in. Jennifer monologues again, implying that she absorbed the traits of the sacrifices, before transforming back into her real, slashed-apart face from when she was killed years ago, the records that the Sheriff found. There is the sound of shattering glass, and when Stiles manages to get into the room, Scott is back on his feet but Jennifer and his father are gone.

Despite the slight predictability of the Darach’s identity, this episode was intense, hilarious and absolutely brilliant, as always, and this season is a complete step up from the previous ones. I’m waiting for the change in relationship between Ms Blake and the other characters now that she’s been revealed, and I’m sure this season is going to be as amazing as I’m hoping.

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