‘Under the Dome’ Episode 1.08 "Thicker Than Water"

There are some shows that once the latest episode has aired you feel the urge to immediately go over every detail with a magnifying glass to make sure you got every last morsel of goodness. There are some shows that leave you so emotionally distraught that it is all you can do not to curl up in a ball and burst into tears.

Then there are shows like Under the Dome that leave you feeling like you have no idea what just happened or how you are supposed to feel about it. I am choosing to embrace the crazy. There are just some battles that shouldn’t be fought and this is one of them.

I would like to thank Julia Cho and Zach Whedon for making the butterfly the creepiest creature since Pennywise. It is now impossible for me to see a butterfly without getting the feeling that bad things are about to go down.
Junior and Big Jim had better watch their backs because there’s a new player on the field and she won’t be as easy to get rid of as Ollie and Clint were.  Just when I thought those two couldn’t get any more screwed up they break out with the “mom killed herself by ramming her card head on into a tree” storyline. So now are we supposed to be on Team Junior/Big Jim? Are we supposed to feel bad for these two psychos? I’m getting whiplash here.

I know I have said this before, but I really find it strange that seemingly everyone in Chester’s Mill seem perfectly fine with Barbie and Julia even though they all knew her husband. Don’t get me wrong I couldn’t care less about old what’s his name and I am totally cool with Julia hooking up with Barbie, but come on the whole damn town couldn’t have forgotten what’s his name already.  Also did they teach Barbie how to dig the perfect grave in the military or did he take a class at the Y?

I believe Norrie set the record for who can go through the 5 stage of grief the fastest. Talk about whiplash. And poor in love Joe. You know his neck is hurting. She likes him. She likes him not. She likes him. Don’t get me wrong I am not making light of the fact that she just lost her mom and she shares a connection with a dome. I get that she is in mourning and she is mad at the world. I actually feel really bad for her.

The great Chester’s Mill Water Well war of 2013 ended with a bang. A bang caused when Barbie blew the damn thing up and with it the chances of either Ollie or Big Jim being top dog. Although it is looking like Barbie has a pretty solid chance of being the head cheese in charge.

Did they really need to bring Phil in to this episode only for it to look like he got shot for a moment? Scared the hell out of me.

Lets take a moment to remember our fallen soldiers in the Water Well war, oh yeah, and Ollie too.  I’m gonna miss that fallen angel.

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