‘Rookie Blue’ Episode 4.12 "Under Fire"

Now that is how you do a penultimate episode. Under Fire had everything a girl could want from 59 minutes of pure entertainment. From a life-changing kiss to a life in danger there wasn’t anything this episode didn’t have. In fact there was so much going on that I am at a loss as to where to start. My normal episode breakdown just doesn’t seem right this time around.

Do I start with how adorable Dov and Chloe are and how I am so completely on their team that I might just cry if she doesn’t make it? Can you imagine if Dov has to live with knowing that she’s married to the guy from 27 (another Flashpoint shout out, what up!) and he never finds out if he’s the real thing or just a distraction from the real thing? It’s too much. I can’t handle it.
By the way was I the only one who thought the scene where Chloe was shot was brilliant? Instead of being chaotic and full of noise it was quiet and simple and that much more shocking. As Chloe stood there holding her neck you could tell she wasn’t quite sure what had happened. It had all gone so quick and there had been no warning or very little considering hindsight showed that the warnings had been there if you knew to look for them.

Chloe had never been the favorite of the group. I always had the impression that they only tolerated her because she was with Dov, but when she was shot all personal thought went out the window because she was one of theirs. She is a cop and she was shot and that trumps any and all personal misgivings until the person who shot her is caught and behind bars.

I never thought I would say this, but Andy has grown tremendously since the first season in terms of her relationships. With both Sam and Luke, Andy was the one following their lead, but with Nick she has a more equal partnership. She respects him and wants to be able to share everything. Her relationship with Nick is probably the most adult relationship she has ever had. It would be a shame if it ended before it had a chance to really get off the ground.
Speaking of relationships, I was pretty worried when I heard that they were sending Gail down the Sapphic highway of love. Let’s face it most of the time these stories are told for the benefit of guys who get off on that type of thing and have no real bearing on a true lesbian relationship. So I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when Gail and Lab Girl’s (I still don’t know her name) first kiss came off as a natural progression in their relationship. Plus it’s always a bonus to see Gail all flustered and at a loss for words.

Unlike my Ollie who spent most of the episode rambling on and on and on about him and Celery. So he asked her to move in, big deal. He’s still my Ollie. Even if he doesn’t know it. I am not a stalker and you can’t prove that I am. If anything happens to my guy in the season finale Heads Will Roll. Did you see how I capitalized the beginning of each word? That’s how serious I am about Ollie being okay.

Excuse me while I get all…I told you so. Not sure what I’m referring too? Well that’s okay, because I will remind you of a little thing I like to refer as Traci and Steve. Or are they better as Nash and Peck? No, no they are not. Let’s never refer to them as that again. But just so you know I was right about them.

I don’t know about the rest of you Rookie Blue fans, but I’m not ready to say good bye next week especially considering I hear they leave it on a giant cliffhanger.

And a special shout out to Gregory Smith who directed this episode. I see bright things in his future.

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