‘The Newsroom’ Episode 2.08 "Election Night, Pt 1"

When Aaron Sorkin does it right he really does it right. It’s no secret that the sophomore season of The Newsroom started off shall we say…clunky? And from what I’ve read Sorkin and the rest of the gang knew it. Hence the temporary shutdown in production. Now normally any type of shutdown doesn’t bode well for a show, but in this case it meant certain storylines were dropped, no I don’t know which ones they were so don’t bother asking, and other storylines were streamlined. The bottom line is that the season we started off watching is not the season we are ending with and the show is better for it.

And now on with the show…..

I don’t care if it sticks or not I am so bloody glad that Will fired Mac. I understand that her confidence has been rocked since the Genoa frak-up happened and I understand that she feels like her life is spinning out of control, but if I have to spend another season hearing her go on and on about Will not forgiving her I might just have to fast-forward through all of her scenes. Yeah I know it’s a pretty weak threat that we all know I have no intention of going through with, but I had to say something. I mean enough is enough.
I normally find Will to be a bit of an ass and it is rare that an episode goes by that I don’t wish someone would call him out on his bull, except when it comes to his past relationship with Mac. I’m sorry Mac, but you are not the good guy in this scenario. You don’t get to be pissed that the guy you cheated on hasn’t forgiven you no matter how much time has passed.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Raise your hand if you think Don was the one who bought Sloan’s book? One, two, three….. So pretty much everyone. Thought so. Somewhere out there a gay, Republican train conductor is wondering what he ever did to garner so much attention from the people of News Night. Hats off to Olivia Munn for making the socially awkward Sloan Sabbith completely believable. Weak link, my ass. Suck it detractors.

How is it that Hallie could pick up on the fact that a girl doesn’t cut off all her hair and change the color unless there was a catalyst to make it happen and Jim, who is supposed to be a really intelligent guy, wasn’t able to get that? I understand that there is history there and at no point were Jim and Maggie friends, but come on already. Wake up, Jim! Get over your wounded pride and see that this is a girl who is screaming for help.

Would it be possible to let Neal do something other than fix Wikipedia pages and track down books that have a forged signature? He started off the season running with the Occupy Wall Street story and now he’s back to being the go-to guy. I get why they cut that story short and I am by no means bemoaning that particular fact I just wish they’d give Neal something more to do.
Apparently Jerry Dantana has plenty to do what with suing Don for calling him a sociopath for $20M. You’ve got to admire the set of balls that guy has on him. Well you don’t, but I do. Of course on the bright side Don, with the help of Maggie, stumble on to another breaking news military story and this one has the luxury of being true.

Poor Charlie. The poor guy is so stressed he barely noticed it when Rebecca Halliday referred to herself as “liquid sex”. Can we just take a moment to let that sink in? Can a woman be smart, respected, powerful, and sexy all at the same time? Hell yes we can and women like Marcia Gay Harden and Jane Fonda are proving it over and over. Hat’s off ladies.

Story bites from “Election Night, Part I”

I have not found “the cha” but I am looking for it.

I’ve got $5 on Maggie’s drastic haircut being a MacGuffin and $5 on it not being one. Either way I’m coming out a winner.

I full on love Reese Lansing. Or maybe I just love his portrayer, Chris Messina. Either way I’m hoping he comes back for the third season.

I could watch an entire episode that just featured the supporting cast.

I may not have mentioned this before, but I’m really glad Gary made it out of Africa alive.

Best line of the night goes to Reese with “My mom says I can’t.”

How is it possible that the third season hasn’t been locked down as a definite yet? What the hell is Sorkin holding out for? I get scheduling issues and such, but seriously enough is enough. Let’s call this thing and move on.

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