Supernatural Recap — Episode 9.02, "Devil May Care."

This week is all about demons, and actually was a pretty good episode—definitely more pleasantly paced than the premiere, though there were a few less storylines to follow this time.

First things first: Abaddon is back, a lackey demon revived her through some ritual, and she’s dead set on taking over Hell. However, the demons she manages to talk to don’t quite believe that Crowley is dead yet, and want some proof before Abaddon gets to run the place. Wise of them in some ways, since Crowley isn’t dead, but not so wise of them in other ways, since smart-mouthed demons tend to get punished.

Crowley, in fact, is in the Winchester’s possession, and they chain him up and tell him to give them the names of every demon on Earth and who they’re possessing, because apparently the king of hell just has automatic access to that knowledge. Whatever. In any case, he doesn’t give it to them willingly, and instead of torturing him in the usual manners, the Winchesters decide to just let him stew in his own thoughts for a bit, and they go out to hunt some demons.

Abaddon had her little demon troupe take over the bodies of a few soldiers, and left a few defunct vessels behind, which attracts the Winchesters, who notice Abaddon in some security footage. Not that they really needed to, because she just up and calls their base while they’re gone, getting Kevin on the phone, and giving him her location and the fact that she has two hunters in custody. Kevin relays this to the Winchesters, and of course they just show up knowing full well it’s a trap. I’d say that’s stupid of them, but really, since when has a trap ever stopped the Winchesters doing anything?

They barge right in and untie the two hunter people (after making sure they’re not demons, of course), and plan to make their escape. One of them pulls the whole “oh no it’s Sam Winchester you’re responsible for demons killing my family” thing which is like, come on, you accidentally sort of start the Apocalypse one time and no one ever lets you live it down, do they. In any case, it’s pretty upsetting, and they try and escape and the other hunter dies. Then Dean gets confronted by Abaddon and sends his hunter buddy conveniently out of the scene to get more ammo, and Sam gets beat up on by the other three demons.

Abaddon really wants Crowley, and says that if Dean gives him up then she’ll only just kill Dean, instead of inhabiting his body and doing really terrible things to him.

Meanwhile, Sam is seriously outnumbered and gets knocked unconscious, so Ezekiel busts out and unleashes some angelic wrath upon all the demons and kills them. Along with their vessels, I think, so that’s not too great. Abaddon freaks out about seeing an angel and flees, and Dean goes to see what happened. Ezekiel made it easy for Dean to cover up, so when Sam comes to, Dean gets to pretend he totally kicked ass.

He’s completely uncomfortable about lying about it, but Sam believes him, and then that hunter that Dean sent off shows up with the Impala and the Winchesters head back to their home base.

During all of this, Kevin is trying to research something in the little Men of Letters collection and finds Crowley, who pisses him off, so Kevin hits him with a lot of things. Crowley tells him that his mom is still alive and that the Winchesters are keeping Kevin prisoner and won’t let him go find her, so if he just lets Crowley go, Crowley himself will go get her for him.

Luckily, when the Winchesters show up, we see that Kevin doesn’t fall for that, though he does attempt to go out and go on a search for his mom. Dean gives him a rousing speech though about family and stuff though, so he stays, and we end the episode with a heart touching Winchester moment.

Except it’s totally not, because we see that Dean is feeling really guilty about the whole Ezekiel thing. Which is probably good. Something bad shouldn’t have to happen for Dean to realize that violating his brother’s autonomy is a bad thing.

So, overall, a pretty good episode, and much more promising than the last one was. Hopefully the Winchesters will actually get some emotional development and stop the whole keeping secrets thing for a little bit.

Catch more Castiel next week on the 22nd at 9/8c, only on the CW!

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