Single Review: Sumerlin ‘Breaking Out’

Last month, formidable foursome Sumerlin released the single ‘Breaking Out’ off of their full length album ‘Runaways’


Combining melody and message ‘Breaking Out’ does just that right from the outset. The musicality is powerful without overpowering, heavy without being heavy-handed — allowing the melody to cut through the mix without ever being drowned out. Sumerlin manage to maintain this balance from start to finish, a kind of stasis that is not easily achieved (let alone sustained).

To put it bluntly,’Breaking Out’ has all the characteristics of a break out hit, the kind of genre-crossing fare that will likely appeal to widespread audiences. With the release of both ‘Breaking Out’ and the full-length ‘Runaways,’ Sumerlin has the potential to be a runaway success, and, (if they haven’t already) should easily find their way onto many a music radar.

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