The Following – Fly Away S2 E6

Lots of action this week, but things start out very quietly. Mark wakes up and leaves Emma sleeping. Then he sees that Emma finished her painting with Joe’s face, not his. He does not look happy. I wonder if this will play out in the future? Or is it the writer’s way of saying that little affair is over rather quickly?

Things heat up a bit when Mark gets to the house. He knocks on Luke’s door, only to find that Giselle is dead. Luke starts to lose it, just a little bit. I wasn’t sure he had anything left to lose (mentally), you know? He’s always been the crazier of the two.

Back at HQ, Mike tries to convince Mendez that the bearded man in the photo is Joe. She’s highly skeptical because of the need to switch the DNA, bodies, etc. Can’t say I blame her, but come on. Mike has seen Joe Carroll in person, right? Mike has a much better idea of what the man looks like than Mendez. She should pay more attention.

Over in the “fleabag” hotel room, a badly injured Ryan is tended to by Max. Mike calls and Ryan fills him in, tells him to bring the SWAT team with him, and Mike says he’s on his way. Cavalry to the rescue?

Joe, however, is still in bed with Lily. They are oblivious to the fact that Ryan is so close. Lily tells Joe that she has everything all planned out for him to go with her to Venezuela. There’s no extradition, for one thing, and she has a beautiful house with a beautiful view, etc. Joe says it’s a lot to consider, and doesn’t look all together happy with the arrangement. It appears that we have two dominant personalities, both expecting to be in charge. That’s not going to last for long.

Lily discovers that Giselle is dead. Luke goes a bit crazy again. She eventually tells him to shut up. She says “Now is not the time to test me.” Whoah. Mama is serious.

Luke decides to go after Ryan anyway and tracks him down at the hotel. He goes into the front desk area, sees Ryan, then turns around when someone says “excuse me”… oops. It’s Mike with a club of some sort, and he knocks Luke out. Score one for the good guys.

Now that Lily is leaving, Joe finds Emma to tell her what’s going on and see what she wants to do. He doesn’t want to go with Lily any more than Emma does. He tells Emma that he has an “epic plan”, and that he needs her. He promises that he won’t take her for granted ever again, and almost begs her to “please come with me.” What’s up there? Is Joe really falling for Emma? Or is he just manipulating her again, like he does to everyone else?






Fly Away S2 Ep 6 Mike tells Ryan he's okay after punching Luke in the face

At the hotel, Ryan throws Luke into the back of their SUV. Luke decides to bait Max, and says he’d like to kill her, then do “things” with her body. This is a bit too much for Mike, who then punches Luke dead in the face – twice. Ryan takes Mike aside to ask him if he’s okay. The a real role reversal going on here. Ryan is now the more reserved one, and Mike is the one lying about being fine when what he really wants to do is kill Luke (amongst other things).

I’m not sure I like this role reversal thing. We’ll have to see where the writers go with it.

Fly Away S2 Ep 6 Luke baits Max
Luke baits Max

Anyway, Ryan calls Lily and tells her he wants to trade Luke for Joe Carroll. Once Max has pinpointed Lily’s location, Ryan tells her to meet on some bridge nearby, and hangs up. Lily then gives Joe drugged wine to knock him out. Is she going to trade Joe for Luke?Max gets to the meeting location with Luke, who has a lot of duct tape over his mouth. I guess they didn’t want him telling mama that Mike is on foot, and hiding nearby. Mike sneaks up behind Lily’s SUV as Lily, Mark and Max all get out of their vehicles. Max sees right away that Lily has someone in a Joe mask, and points out that this isn’t Joe Carroll. Lily’s retort? “And you’re not Ryan Hardy. Where is he?” She has no clue that Mike is in the equation. Mike is able to sneak up behind Lily’s car and slash one of the tires as Lily stabs the innocent person she has in the Joe mask. He’s alive, but seriously injured, and Lily threatens to kill the man if they don’t let Luke go. Mike comes out of hiding and drops his gun. Lily has Mark drop his, then tells Max to throw her gun over the edge of the bridge.  Max tosses hers “like a girl” and it lands close by. She took a risk doing that, but Lily lets it go. She just wants Luke. So Mike pulls a knife on Luke to get her to let go of the man she has, but she doesn’t move until the transfer is made. Lily, Luke and Mark all run into the woods, Mike runs after them, and Max runs after Mike.

Question: Why didn’t they just get back in the car? They didn’t know the tire was slashed. Yes, it belonged to her hostage, but somehow I don’t think her lack of ownership would keep her from stealing it. That slashed tire seems to be forgotten as well, as it’s never mentioned or seen again.

Back at the house, Emma and Mandy have roused Joe. They try to leave, but the Russian girl (Radmila) tries to stop them. Joe doesn’t hesitate to simply stab her, and the three of them escape.

Meanwhile, Ryan is sneaking up on the house. He kills the other black “son’ to get in. Lily isn’t going to have too many “children” left by the end of the day.

At HQ, Mendez calls out the troops to go to the house and the bridge. About time, don’t you think?

Fly Away S2 Ep 6 Ryan spots Joe
Ryan spots Joe.

Once inside the house, Ryan quickly makes his way upstairs. He finds Radmila, who is still alive, but she’s not talking. He looks out the window, and sees Joe getting into a car. He races out of the house, but is too late to stop them.

He runs back in to ask Radmila where they were going. She manages to tell him, and he runs off and leaves her to die there. Does she die? Or will she be back seeking her own revenge? Joe and Ryan had both better watch out. Even if she died, she might decide to haunt the both of them.

Fly Away S2 Ep 6 Joe looks up and sees Ryan looking down at him
Joe looks up and sees Ryan looking down at him.

In the car, Emma calls Mark. She finds out that he’s with Lily and Luke, but the FBI is after them. Just then, Mike catches up with them and shoots Luke. Lily screams, but stops Mark from going after Mike. They think Luke’s dead and take off. Amazingly, he’s not dead, and manages to tackle Mike and struggle for the gun. Mike then manages to beat Luke’s face to a bloody pulp. It takes Max with her own gun drawn to finally get Mike to stop before he actually kills Luke.

At the airfield, Joe arrives with the girls. He tells the pilot that they have to take off right away, and that the others aren’t coming. Obviously part of his epic plan includes leaving Lily behind. But then Joe gets a last minute phone call. He asks, “What?”

Meanwhile, Ryan races up to catch the plane, and it stops rolling. Is Joe on board? The entire SWAT team shows up with Mendez to help stop them, and expects it to be Lily and the twins in there. Ryan yells at the pilot to tell him where Joe is, because he and the girls are obviously not on the plane. The pilot tells him that the man and the two girls took off.

Who tipped off Joe? I’m guessing it was Jana, Gina’s ex-lover, with her FBI contacts. Or did Gina tell here where she was going because of the kids? I would think that’s against protocol, so my bet is with Jana’s connection(s).

Finally, Lily gets in touch with Joe, and she is so glad he got away. That is, until he says that he wasn’t bothered by Luke’s death and that he never really liked the boy anyway. He tells her that because she drugged him, and again tried to control him, he was telling her and her “international house of psychos” good-bye. I almost felt bad for her. She sobs to Mark that she gave up everything for Joe, and ends up getting sick. Like, from the bottom of your stomach sick. Ew.

As Joe told her, she was getting exactly what she deserved. For once I have to say I can’t disagree with the man.

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