Interview: Isobel Trigger

Following an earlier review of their latest single ‘Tiger Shark,’ Ariel and Felicia of Isobel Trigger answered some questions via e-mail — below is the exchange that followed:


HRC: How did Isobel Trigger come together, and what did you initially set out to accomplish musically?

Ariel: Felicia and Brett met in music school and then found me and Kyle on online dating for bands (the musician section of Craigslist). Our direction is really to write rock songs that are heavy on the synth, that have catchy dance/pop beats to them.

Felicia: We really want to inspire people with our music and do something uniquely our own. As a vocalist, I make it my personal goal to really express myself and give people something different to listen to!


HRC: You recently released a video for Tiger Shark, how did that song develop and what was the thought process behind releasing it as a single?

Ariel: We wanted to release a single that was really upbeat and energetic so we went with Tiger Shark. It’s really fun to play live and people love dancing to it.

Felicia: We wanted to introduce ourselves to fans and show them how we like to have fun! Tiger Shark seemed like a natural choice and the video was tons of fun to make!


HRC: Tying into that, you will be releasing Nocturnal at the end of July, what was the writing/recording process like?

Felicia: We write many different ways. When we first started writing I would bring songs (singer/songwriter style) to the band and they would write their parts, help arrange it and rock it up! Now we’ve started writing as a group. Brett might start by playing a guitar riff in practice and Kyle and Ariel might follow with a groove. We’ve got really great writing chemistry and it’s always evolving.


HRC: Isobel Trigger stretches across multiple genres, was it always a goal to to have kind of an androgynous musical identity or was that something that developed over time?

Felicia: Haha, it actually used to be MUCH harder to classify our sound. When I was younger I thought it would be cool to really explore multiple genres on an album and my songwriting was all over the map!

Ariel: We all have different tastes but we’ve realized how to combine our influences into a sound that we all really appreciate. Though it still may seem hard to label, we feel like we’ve found the perfect cocktail.


HRC: What’s up next for the band, as well as any final thoughts you’d like to share.

Felicia: Well we’re really excited to be The Zone (91.3FM)’s Band of the month for April! Getting major radio play has been amazing and we’re also very stoked to play The Royal Theater on May 24th and Tall Tree festival at the end of June!

Ariel: Thanks for interviewing us!


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