Album Review: Four Year Strong ‘Go Down In History’

Four Year Strong — the four-piece out of Worcester, Mass — prove that four years (and four beards) aren’t the only things going strong on their latest release ‘Go Down In History.’

The five track output opens on a high with the break-neck face-melter ‘What’s In The Box.’ Melody and mayhem are at the forefront of this first wave — as harsh and heavy as it is harmonious — which (when combined with the tongue-in-cheek lyrics) makes for a favorable first impression.

‘Living Proof of a Stubborn Youth’ plays on the fight-the-system mentality of classic Punk. To this, the band adds a melodic sensibility — paying homage to the past and adapting to the modern sonic landscape simultaneously.



As the title track, ‘Go Down In History’ is the resident anthem of the album. Whether you’re at a packed festival rubbing sweat-soaked elbows with your peers or you’re a one-person wrecking crew in the comfort of your own home, this shout-along, high-octane onslaught is guaranteed to get your blood pumping.

While going down in history is something that cannot be fully gauged in the present, one thing that’s beyond doubt is that Four Year Strong are still going strong, and that perhaps this latest offering is but a foreshadowing of what’s to come.



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