Robin Williams: Remembering the Comedic Legend

Yesterday, the world lost a comedic legend, an icon and an acting talent who transformed the entertainment world and the lives of many in more ways than one.

After an apparent suicide (due to hanging), it was announced that Robin Williams died at the age of 63.

This is one man who touched lives through the small screen, including his time on Mork & Mindy, in addition to his most recent starring role in The Crazy Ones. As for the big screen, Williams took home an Oscar for Good Will Hunting, and is known for his many roles in influential films like Dead Poets Society, Patch Adams, Good Morning, Vietnam and The World According to Garp, among many others.

For me, Williams was a huge part of my childhood. From Aladdin to Mrs. Doubtfire to Hook to Jumanji, Williams knew how to make a child feel special and magical.

In honor of this legend, here are just a few of the roles I’ll always remember when it comes to the amazing talent that is Robin Williams.

1. Genie, Aladdin

As a child who grew up with some of the best Disney movies, including Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and The Lion King, Williams turned Genie from Aladdin into one of the most memorable animated characters. When I think of Genie, I think of Williams.

2. Alan Parrish, Jumanji

Who doesn’t love Jumanji? When you put an adventurous story with one great talent you get one fantastic movie, with some hilarious quotes and scenes from Williams. I wouldn’t expect anything less.

3. Peter Banning, Hook

As Peter, Williams brought to life another iconic Disney character in Hook. From Rufio to Captain Hook to Tink to Maggie Smith to Gwyneth Paltrow as young Wendy to Tootles and his Marbles to the Lost Boys, Peter finally came alive. “There you are Peter.”

4. Daniel Hillard/Mrs. Doubtfire, Mrs. Doubtfire

“Helloooo!!!!” Enough said.

5. John Keating, Dead Poets Society

Who doesn’t dream of having a leader and educator like John Keating? Williams truly showed us how to seize the day and live life to the fullest — just like he did throughout his entire career.

6. Simon Roberts, The Crazy Ones

Admittedly, I never watched The Crazy Ones, but I remember watching this outtake (more than once) with Williams, James Wolk and Kelly Clarkson. The energy, the laughter and the improvisation Williams embraced in this McDonald’s song blooper will always be one of my favorites.

7. Tomas, Friends

For those of us Friends fans, we remember that scene where Monica is trying to tell her friends about Pete wanting to become the next Ultimate Fighting Champion. However, she can’t talk because Billy Crystal (Tim) and Williams (Tomas) are busy having their own conversation during this short, but memorable, cameo.

Thank you for the wonderful and funny times, Robin Williams. You’ll be missed.

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