5 Reasons to Catch ABC Family’s Stitchers


ABC Family has extended their hand into the rabbit hole and pulled out this interesting gem for their summer lineup. Stitchers is an edgy detective show, delving into the world of covert espionage and some serious mind f**king.

I’m excited to see this show, and here are 5 reasons you should be excited too.


The Premise

A secret government agency sends operatives into the minds of the recently deceased to solve their murders.


This show has opened a can of worms we cannot come back from. The run-of-the-mill procedural’s like Law & Order and CSI don’t cut it anymore. The science is advancing and audiences are craving for something different (begging in some cases). Stitchers is the first show of its kind, mixing science fiction into the procedural genre, thrusting Stitchers into the forefront of radical television.


Gender Equality

Hollywood is making strides to catch up with the demands of more roles for women and equal screen time as well. Stitchers feature leads Emma Ishta, Sola Bamis, and Allison Scagliotti. Salli Richardson-Whitfield and Chelsea Vincent round out the supporting roles for the women. The show centers on Ishta’s character, as she is the one being “stitched” into the brains of the deceased.

Allison Scagliotti

The underrated and much loved Allison Scagliotti, graces ABC Family with another portrayal of a smart, beautiful, and funny woman. Scagliotti found her niche through her roles on Drake & Josh and Warehouse 13 (and let’s not forget the Warehouse 13 and Eureka crossover episode). Scagliotti brings a sense of home for the roaming sci-fi fan. It’s just a matter of time before Allison is heading up her own show. She certainly has the chops, but for now, we can watch her every week helping to solve murders with her cool hacking skills.


  1. Sci-Fi Realness

Tech wiz Cameron (Kyle Harris), uses a highly encrypted super computer and the functions of the brain to allow Ishta’s character, Kirsten, to be “stitched” into the still living memories of deceased victims.

Kirsten is hooked up to the computer, submerged in water, and implanted into another person’s brain. The science in real life is far from the truth (so far as we know), but the show provides a more than adequate representation of where science can take us, as well as a real world application for it.

The Remnants of Whedon

I don’t know if creator Jeffrey Alan Schechter watched a lot of Buffy, Firefly, or Dollhouse, but Stitchers definitely has the feel of a show worthy to be in the Whedonverse. Stitchers follows this same breakdown:

A girl with a special ability, that can do what no one else can, in order to stop the bad guy.

Schechter can count on Whedon fans, especially with a show featuring a strong female lead, but more importantly, with a story steeped in sci-fi with a strong impact waiting to happen.

Be sure to check out the premiere of Stitchers on Tuesday, June 2, 2015 @ 9pm on ABC Family.

Carey Fulks II

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