Devious Maids-"From Here to Eternity" Recap

Last night’s Devious Maids whipped up the excitement. Episode two continues the shock of finding a leg in Evelyn’s (Rebecca Wisocky) prize rose bushes and brings two engagements, a secret, and a surprise visitor at the very end.

First off, what is with this kid? Katie (Grecia Merino) is giving me the creeps, and those paintings aren’t helping. Are we all in agreement that it’s Micheal’s (Brett Cullen) leg that was found in Evelyn’s prize rose bushes?

So, it seems the excuse for all the blood in the living room was ‘stabbing a burglar’? At least Blanca (Naya Rivera) finds out that isn’t the case later in the episode and brings her backbone while dealing with the situation. Naya Rivera’s acting! I came to watch this show because of her and I am over the moon happy with that decision. Naya Rivera’s best scene was the blackmail of Taylor Stappord (Brianna Brown). Rivera’s acting chomps took a bite out my T.V. and my heart. I can’t wait to see more of her on T.V.

“Latino’s with muscles. You should probably wait outside for this.” Telling your mother about your engagement normally goes one of two ways. They are either super excited for you, or in this case, you’re too young and can do better. Of course, having Remi (Drew Van Acker) standing there for the conversation is always good for a laugh. Especially when it goes into the sex conversation and the fact that Valentina (Edy Ganem) listened to Zoila (Judy Reyes). She was waiting to have sex till after marriage and Zoila’s shocked to realize it. I was laughing out loud. It gets better when Zoila is having dinner with Javier (Ivan Hernandez) and won’t stop ranting over Valentina’s engagement only to have Javier propose to her. Then to have the tables turn as Valentina doesn’t give her blessing for her mother’s engagement. The twists and the turns of a mother/daughter relationship. At least they worked it out and stopped fighting, for now. Let’s be honest, we all knew the sex Valentina and Remi were about to have. Judy Reyes’ acting in these scenes were the best of everyone for this episode.

“I’m sorry, I was thinking about all the other men I could have married.” and “Define obscenely large.” are my favorite lines of the episode and come from non other than Evelyn. The best story line of this season is the Dominatrix, painful but good, arc that involves Evelyn and her husband, Adrian (Tom Irwin). I can not wait to see the evolution of this. Having Adrian neigh like a horse was too fun to see. My first thought was that the BDSM stories are little over told now after Fifty Shades of Grey but for Devious Maids, I’ll tolerate it.

For a show that classifies as a Drama, I laugh far too much, but I wouldn’t want that to change.

If you are not watching Devious Maids, then you best rectify that mistake. You can catch up at Lifetime’s website. Episodes air Monday 9/8 C on Lifetime.


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