Happy Birthday Jeff Davis!

If you’ve seen Teen Wolf or Criminal Minds, then you have seen the work of the extremely talented Jeff Davis. Born on Friday the 13th, it makes sense why he has such a fascination with thrillers and the supernatural.

Jeff is an amazing writer and truly cares about integrating real mythology into the Teen Wolf in creative ways. He is the man that has given us so many talented actors, and made us fall in love with Dylan O’Brien through his character Stiles (of course I had to mention Dylan O’Brien). He has also respected his actor’s decisions when they choose to exit the shows to pursue other roles.

The thing that I love the most about Jeff Davis is that he uses some of his own life experiences in the show. I got the opportunity to talk to him at the New York Television Festival last year about my favorite episode, “Motel California” from Season 3. Near the end of the episode, Stiles prevents Scott from committing suicide. Jeff revealed that someone had given a similar speech about how he isn’t a nobody, to him when he was younger. At this point I was bawling. It was in that moment that I realized that this show has the power to save and change lives, mine included. Jeff’s success proves that even if you were the weird kid in high school, you can still make it in life, maybe even have your own television show!

So once again, happy 40th birthday to the man (and his twin!) that has not only been an inspiration to me, but to so many other people around the world.


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