#MCM – Dawson or Pacey?

Continuing with our 90’s theme, the Talk Nerdy With Us team recently squared down with the ultimate Man Crush Monday debate: Team Dawson or Team Pacey? So I’m here to settle it once and for all.

Everyone loves a good childhood best friends, turned high school sweethearts story.

Dawson: 1
Pacey: 0


When it comes to stability, there’s no denying that Pacey was exactly that for Joey. They didn’t have it easy when they first started dating, but maybe it’s because they both have a little baggage that they fit so well together. Think matching Louis Vuitton suitcases, but emotional ones.

Dawson: 1
Pacey: 1

Dawson was so insanely in love and passionate about his work. Doesn’t everyone love a tortured artist?

Dawson: 2
Pacey: 1

Then again – nothing says love like buying your girlfriend a wall for her to explore her creative abilities. Pacey was always Joey’s number one supporter and between Joey and Dawson there was really only room for one artist and it wasn’t Joey.

Dawson: 2
Pacey: 2

Two words: Tamara Jacobs. Need I say more?

Dawson: 3
Pacey: 2

Dawson wasn’t exactly the most romantic boyfriend when it came to “firsts” if you know what I mean. The director in him wanted to so badly create the perfect scenario, he essentially ruined his memorable first with Joey. If anyone should know chivalry isn’t dead, it’s Dawson and yet here we are.

Dawson: 3
Pacey: 3

Hey Pacey, ever heard of bro code? You don’t go after your best friend’s ex, especially when he still loves her!

Dawson: 4
Pacey: 3

When Dawson and Joey finally do the deed, she finds out Dawson wasn’t exactly on the market…Cheating won’t get you anywhere in life Leary, didn’t you learn that from your parents?

Dawson: 4
Pacey: 4

I don’t really think anything needs to be said about the following…

Dawson: 4

Pacey: 5

Here it is, the ultimate tiebreaker, despite their ups and downs, Joey and Pacey were drawn to each other. No matter what life threw at them they always found a way back to each other, they never stopped fighting for it.

Cue Dawson, who every time went through a breakup, immediately had a rebound. OTPs don’t do rebounds my friends, bring us to a final score of:

Dawson: 4
Pacey: 6

So while the Talk Nerdy With Us gang may be divided, we did come to this conclusion:

While Joey and Pacey are endgame, Joey and Dawson are very much platonic soul mates. She’ll always be the girl down the creek and he’ll always be the guy with the big heart.

Also if you haven’t heard, ABC Family is bring back two of our 90’s favorites! Dawson’s Creek AND Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Tune in week of June 29th for their premieres! You can also tune in this week for fan favorites from both hit shows.

Dawson’s Creek will air every weekday at 12pm/11am CT.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer will air every weekday at 5pm/4pm CT.

What team are you on? We want to know!

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