"Orange Is the New Black" is back tomorrow! 5 things to expect from Season 3

Netflix has heard our prayers and the new season of our favorite female-centric prison dramedy (even if it wasn’t the only one in that genre, it’d still be our favorite) “Orange is the New Black” premieres tomorrow June 12th!


Here are a few things we can expect from the brand new third installment of Piper Chapman’s (and so many other women’s) journey at Litchfield Prison:

 1. Alex (Laura Prepon) returns to Litchfield

Starting with the obvious one: after Piper (Taylor Schilling) makes sure Alex’s parole officer knows she’s not exactly being an exemplary citizen, her lover is shown returning to Litchfield in the trailer for season 3 and immediately confronting Piper about why she is there. Uh-oh…  but is Alex going to be there for the entire season? Will they finally be able to really trust  each other and stop sabotaging each other? Will Larry come back somehow? (the whole world hopes not).

 2. A love triangle

It’s been widely publicized  that the Australian model and DJ Ruby Rose will be joining the cast as Stella Carlin, a smoking hot inmate who is seen winking at Piper in the trailer for season 3. This love triangle is sure to bring even more drama to the already veeery complicated relationship between Piper and Alex.

3. Big Boo’s backstory

This is just a personal hope of mine. Boo (Lea DeLaria) is one of the only main characters whose story we have yet to see. Plus, she is always portrayed as someone with no morals and no allegiances, basically a villain, so I am very curious to finally see an episode where we see her in a more positive light and find out what makes her act the way she does.

4. A new leader? 

In Season 1 it was Red (Kate Mulgrew). In Season 2 it was Vee (Lorraine Toussaint). Who is it going to be in Season 3?

5. More shenanigans, more tears, more laughter, more trouble 

More of everything! Can’t wait! #sorrynotsorry

Watch the first trailer for Season 3 of “Orange Is The New Black” here:



And the second trailer here:


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