Teen Wolf Fan Art Exhibit

Teen Wolf really does care about their fans. So much so that they created an exhibition completely dedicated to extraordinary pieces of art from fans across the globe. Located in New York City, the Teen Wolf Fan Art Exhibit features creative portraits of all the current main cast members and gives a sneak peek of what to expect in season 5.

Six of the nine commissioned artists attended the grand opening Thursday, June 25th and were joined by a line of fans that went all the way down the street and around the corner from the building. Two of the artists in particular have a history of working with the show: Kendra Wells and Swann Smith. Kendra creates the animated recaps for Teen Wolf on the MTV website. Swann illustrated the Bestiary that was handed out at last year’s San Diego Comic Con, and is also included as an insert with the season 4 DVD. Even though the exhibit opened at 6pm, fans lined up for hours in the humid NYC summer weather to get a glimpse of the opening reception’s special guests: Tyler Posey and Jeff Davis. The stars took pictures with fans and held a quick question and answer session that had some of the attendees laughing so hard that they cried.

The exhibit is open now until July 2nd at ADC Gallery (106 W 29th St.). But, if you can’t make it to New York City in time, you can check out the artists’ social media pages below! Don’t forget to tune in to the two-part premiere of Teen Wolf season 5 this Monday and Tuesday, June 29th and June 30th.

Liz Swezey: lizswezeyphoto.tumblr.com

Carina Tous: www.carinatous.com

Kendra Wells: @kendrawcandraw

Carlos Rodriguez: www.facebook.com/crodriguezcasado

Swann Smith: swannstudio.com

Indy: neptunepirate.tumblr.com

Jessica Short: @JessJayShort

Alice Pain: alice.pain@yahoo.co.uk

Frida Svensson: frida.svensson.421@gmail.com

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