Bad Blood Reigns in Teen Wolf Season 5 Premiere

Bad Blood will reign! No I’m not talking about Taylor Swift, I’m talking about the two-part Teen Wolf Season 5 premiere. The first Moonday of the season brought us three hot new characters, badass fight sequences, and super creepy new villains. Although the first two episodes leaked just hours before the premiere, the show generated over half a million tweets with #TeenWolfSeason5. If you didn’t catch the premiere, I’ll give you a run down of how senior year started at Beacon Hills High School.

Taking place six months after the events of Season 4, the gang is starting their Senior Year. The cold open suggests that the entire season will be a flashback. Jeff Davis has been hinting for months that an old face would return to Beacon Hills, and it turned out to be Aiden (Max Carver)! Even though he was killed off in season 3B, it wouldn’t be the first time Jeff Davis brought someone back from the dead. I was hoping for Allison to be resurrected, but for now all we have are her initials on a bookcase in the newly renovated library. Fingers crossed that she appears at least in ghost form this season, there was so much to her story that was left untold.

Personally, I am falling so hard for the new guy: Theo Raekin (Cody Christian). He left Beacon Hills in the fourth grade and Stiles is super suspicious of him. Of course Scott wants to believe the best in everyone and trust him, but Stiles has NEVER been wrong in all five seasons. But Theo has had the most shirtless scenes in the first two episodes, so I fully support his return. Okay so he has fake parents, can turn into a full wolf, and broke his fake dad’s hand with a hammer – we all have our faults!

Liam Dunbar is the most adorable little puppy child. Stiles and Scott are basically his parents and give him advice that they had to learn the hard way. I can see that he is going to have a larger role this season and even has a Selena-Gomez-look-alike potential love interest. Apparently she has held a grudge against him since the 6th grade, but honestly who could hold a grudge against someone with such an adorable face!

Speaking of adorable, I can’t get over Lydia and Parrish! On one hand, I can totally see them being a couple in the near future, but I also love that Lydia is being independent for once. This is the first time that Lydia has been confident in her abilities and has even started to help others. She is still in high school even though she has enough credits to graduate, due to her pack and the fact that her mom is now the school’s guidance counselor.

Sheriff Stilinksi has taken off his wedding ring, which means that my OTP can FINALLY get together! That’s right, the sexual tension between Sheriff Stilinski and Mama McCall can finally become a reality. The parents have been through so much the past couple years they deserve happiness. Even though Scott and Stiles under the same roof would be a hassle, I’ve waited five seasons for these two to move past their old relationships and on to each other.

My favorite part of Teen Wolf Season 5 so far is that they deal with REAL PROBLEMS! Of course the main character is a werewolf so it isn’t entirely realistic, but the characters are experiencing similar things that I felt my senior year of high school. Will I see my friends again? How far do I want to move away from home? Will I even get into college? Sometimes we need to be reminded that these characters are just normal teenagers, just with supernatural capabilities.

What did you think of the premiere?

Which relationship do you think will survive senior year?

Would you swipe right or left for Theo?


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Don’t forget to tune in next week July 7th for episode 3 of Teen Wolf Season 5 on MTV at 10/9c.

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