Beauty and the Beast Episode Preview: Shotgun Wedding

Going to the chapel…but will Vincent and Catherine get married?  That’s the question that Beauty and the Beast fans are eager to find out when Season 3, episode 8 entitled Shotgun Wedding airs on July 30.

Fans have waited three years to see their spunky beauty and her sensitive beast finally become husband and wife.  The road to the church has been a difficult one for the star-crossed lovers. They’ve had to deal with a nefarious government agency and assassins trying to kill them at every turn. For Vincent and Catherine, the path to wedded bliss has been a life or death journey.

But with the latest threat to their happiness, Bob and Carol dead, can the duo finally say their ‘I dos’?

My guess? There will be another dangerous threat that the bride and groom will have to deal with before Catherine can put on her white dress and Vincent his tux.

Tune in Thursday, July 30 at 8:00PM to Beauty and the Beast on The CW to find out.




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