E! Announces WAGS a New Series

Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Stars, WAGS, will be coming to audiences this August.

Behind every elite pro-athlete man, is an equality elite woman supporting and pushing him to his full potential. WAGS is an elite and exclusive group, close friends bound together by a strict hierarchy, unspoken rules and enough drama to go around. Sitting at the top of the social pyramid are the women with the rocks on their fingers and pro-athlete husbands.

In this 8-episode series audiences will follow the lifestyle of what it means to be attached to a pro-athlete. From player trades to uprooting an entire life across the country, E! gets an in-depth look at what it means to be part of the WAGS club.

Sasha Gates – The Queen Bee and married to a 5-time All Pro Player from the San Diego Chargers with a multi-million dollar contract. Prior to meeting her husband Sasha was featured in music videos. Fast forward to 2015 where she’s now a doting wife and mother to a little girl with another on the way. But that’s not all, Sasha is looking to pursue a music career in addition to the children’s clothing line she has with her best friend/business partner Autumn Ajirotutu, also on the show.

Autumn Ajirotutu – Besides being best friend/business partner to the Queen, Autumn is married with twin girls with Seyi Ajirotutu of the Philadelphia Eagles. Having always been a party girl, she’s faced with the transition of being a new mom. Throughout the series we’ll watch Autumn go through motherhood and how she handles possibly having to uproot her entire family after her husband’s trade.

Ashley North – Considered a WAGS descendant because of her MLB player father, Ashley goes against her father’s advice on dating athletes. Ashley has been dating Dashon Goldson of the Washington Redskins for over 11 years and have a daughter together. Having been engaged for a year now, Dashon’s hesitation with locking down a wedding date has been causing some concern. Outside of her motherly duties, Ashley balances her own career as a celebrity stylist.

Nicole Williams – A successful working model, who has been dating Tampa Bay Buccaneers’, Larry English for the past four years is more than ready for that ring. While she prides herself on having her own life, she does her best to keep Larry on a short leash while “jersey chasers” follow her boyfriend everywhere he goes.

Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson – Cousins, best friends and business partners. Natalie has been dating NFL player Shaun Phillips for 2.5 years now and while Shaun is wanting to take things to the next step, Natalie struggles with her need to be independent and her relationship. Her cousin Olivia on the other hand is a single, hopeless romantic who will ONLY date athletes, being linked to players from the Denver Broncos, San Diego Chargers and Los Angeles Clippers.

WAGS premieres Tuesday, August 18th at 10pm ET. You can follow the official Twitter account @WAGSonE for news and use the hashtag #WAGS. You can check out an inside look at the glamorous lifestyle from E! below.


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