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unnamedSunny Malouf is a multi-talented dancer, singer, actress and songwriter. Talk Nerdy With Us chatted with Sunny about her new single Lighting in a Bottle, her favorite things to do in Dallas and her upcoming performances.

Read our interview with her below!

Can you tell us about your single “Lightning in a Bottle?”

“Yes. “Lightning in a Bottle” is basically about me. I’m the lightning that’s trapped in a bottle. I’m trying to expose myself to the world so everybody can know who Sunny really is and what I’m all about. I just want everybody to know what lightning in a bottle is about, because it’s basically about me.”

Can you tell us about your show on July 31st in LA? What can fans expect?

“Fans can expect hardcore dancing, having fun, smiling, having the best time of their lives! Great performances and great singing. I want fans to just expose themselves and really find out who they are.”

What’s your favorite song to cover?

“Uptown Funk. It’s kind of a jazzy, you know, but it also has a little hip! So everybody can get up and start dancing to it.”

Who’s your role model and how have they influenced you?

“My role models are my dad and my mom. They really taught me about the industry, and what it’s going to be like. They’ve really helped me through this whole process, my family backs me up. Friends can’t always be there for you, they don’t always cheer you up, but your family always does. My mom and dad are my role models.”

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

“Work hard and never give up on your dreams. We always have to fight for what we want. No matter what we do in life. Also always try to build people up and don’t break them down, because there will be one point where they’ll need to build you up.”

Do you have a favorite artist right now?

“Yes! Taylor Swift! Just because she’s a positive role model. She always leaves positive marks for young children, especially those my age. I definitely look up to her. I like her music too, it’s good.”

You were at the ESPY’s. What is your dream award show to perform at?

“Probably, the MTV music awards. Or the Nickelodeon awards.”

If you could be on your favorite TV show as a guest star, what TV show would it be?

“It would probably be Girl Meets World!”

What are your favorite things to do in Dallas?

“We don’t wear cowboy hats, we don’t! [Laughs]. Or sombreros! We just don’t! [laughs]. My family and I like to go see the Mavericks. We like to see all the parades in Dallas too. I like to also go dance in my studio and sing. That’s where I train mostly. However, I also do train in Nashville, Tennessee sometimes.”

Do you have a favorite outfit you like to perform in?

“We always make new costumes right before. So every time I perform there’s going to be a new costume. My favorite so far would be my Michael Jackson costume, which is like a white costume. It has sparkles down the side with little white diamonds. It also has a plain white t-shirt and a white jacket with white sparkles going down the arm.”

Do you have any other shows coming up?

“Right now I have the Kidspop Tour coming up. We are doing that after the BuildaBEAST convention which is on the 31st (of July). I think Kidspop is in September or October. Then, I don’t know the exact dates, but I’ll also be at the Children’s Medical Center. I do performances there every year.”


Follow Sunny on Twitter: @SunnyMalouf

Check out her website: http://www.sunnymalouf.com/

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