Five Best Moments from "Defiance – Episode 307"

Nolan and Irisa

The brief moment in the Lawkeeper building between father and daughter was brilliantly touching and when Irisa hugs Nolan with a simple, “I love you,” I could feel all her anger just melt away. Later on when Nolan is giving his speech (we’ll get to that) he dotes on her saying that his daughter isn’t weak and has saved him more times than he can remember. It was good to see that rift between them finally start to close and for the each of them to start realizing just what the other is going through.

Kindzi and Stahma
It was only a matter of time before the jealous Kindzi got ahold of her father’s lover and last night’s episode likely made some of you happy to finally see Stahma get her just desserts. Or will it be Kindzi getting dessert? Time will tell.

Amanda and Berlin
After agreeing to a date with her ex, Conrad Von Bach, and the arms dealer supplying both Defiance and the Votanis Collective, the two made up after discovering it was his mother that orchestrated their break-up. Admitting she still had feelings for him and he for her, they agree to leave town before any fighting breaks out. Berlin approaches Amanda for support and it’s a burnt bridge that the two leave behind afterward with Amanda openly callous about Berlin’s decision to leave. You almost felt sorry for Berlin.

Nolan’s Rousing Speech

In the vein of a general to his troops, Nolan not only helps close the rift between he and his daughter, but manages to rouse the militia who’d been having second thoughts about fighting at all. “The strong defend the weak,” he says and ends the speech with that rousing battle cry, “For Defiance!” Even I wanted to pick up a blaster and fight alongside them at that point. I guess it’s time to go turn on my Defiance game and see what the Season 3 missions have in store for my Ark Hunter.

Datak’s Atonement

In a scene I never thought would move me, Datak atones for all of his past sins and for betraying the city and his family. Electing to be executed in the traditional Castithan way via shaming rack, Datak proves that he truly seeks atonement for the dishonor he’s brought upon his house and name. In the one scene during all of last night’s episode that made me tear up a bit, Alak brings his son forward so that Datak can see his grandson one last time before he dies. Alak’s words to his grandson were what moved me the most as he told Luke that one day he’d know the honor Datak still had.  I honestly thought that I’d want to see Datak executed after everything he did, but at the end of it, I was just sad and hoping he’d somehow live.

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