From Beacon Hills to Starling City: Arrow Casting News

fgfg78You may recognize him as Chris Argent,  everyone’s favorite, kind of intimidating, really hot gravely voiced hunter dad on MTV’s Teen Wolf; but it looks like the CW has snatched up yet another actor!

If you’re sad about the lack of JR Bourne on your screen (I know I am), fret no more! JR has been cast in the CW’s hit show Arrow as Jeremy Tell, aka Double Down.

Whereas we’re accustomed to seeing him on the opposite side of the supernatural spectrum, on Arrow, if they stick to the general story from the comics, we will get to see him work his magic as a metahuman villain. Tell gained his powers when a cursed deck of cards bonded to him after he murdered the original owner.

Although Double Down is generally associated with The Flash, it should be interesting to see him work against Oliver as well.

Maybe this means we’re going to be getting more Flash/Arrow crossovers, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed!

Bourne is rumored to make his debut in episode three of Arrow season 4, which airs October 7th 2015!

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