"Killjoys – Episode 105 Recap"

So what that we’re halfway through the first season of “Killjoys”?  Yeah, that’s right.  Halfway through.  SyFy only gave this pulse-pounding interplanetary bounty hunter trio a ten episode first season, but who cares?  It hasn’t died down on the intense sci-fi action yet and it’s cemented its place in our hearts.  Mine anyways.

The entirety of the episode we get more of the brothers jabbing at each other and Dutch bossing folks around.  This includes an entertaining bet between Johnny and Dutch at the beginning that I was hoping would play out throughout the whole episode, but got shut down quick when Dutch pulled one over on Johnny.  We also get to see more of why D’avin disappeared in the first place – because he killed his own squad and, whatever the reason, no one wants him to know it because Pawter discovers some neural dampeners (memory blockers) installed in his head.

Yeah the opening scenes were bright and happy, but things go dark real quick.  From Lucy’s malfunctioning music box to their comms failing, things go from bad to worse.  So after the sneak peek, I’ll admit that I was expecting space zombies.  I was wrong.  Space zombies can stick to their own derelict cargo freighters on “Dark Matter”.  Instead, last night’s episode introduced millions of nanites that tear you down and build you back up – literally.  They are honest-to-goodness used as a torture device by an insane security guard and his malfunctioning computer.  While we never really get an answer to what ‘Red 17’ was all about, we get plenty of other sci-fi goodies including a directional explosive Dutch uses against Mr. Crazy before the trio decide to straight up blow the freighter sky… space-high?

There’s so much awesome in this week’s episode that I truly feel like it was the best episode of the season so far.  Just go watch it if you missed it.  My personal favorite part of the episode was the running gag that Lucy favored John even though she was a program that can’t have favorites.  Later on in the episode, it’s shown that Lucy really does like John more when she refuses to let Dutch in the ship because it’s in quarantine and Dutch yells to her that, “John is in trouble,” which results in Lucy immediately letting Dutch into the quarantined ship.

Another episode of awesomeness coming from Michelle Lovretta, Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, Luke MacFarlane, and the whole cast and crew from “Killjoys.”  I look forward to next week’s SyFy Friday.


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