Lifetime and Yahoo TV Partner to give audiences Project Runway special

Just in time for Season 14 of “Project Runway”, Lifetime and Yahoo TV have partnered to give audiences a special, entitled. “Road to the Runway.”

“Road to The Runway” will follow the casting of this season’s “Project Runway” contestants.

The special will be available through cable and satellite provider’s on On Demand, as well as and the Lifetime app.

Contestants include:

· Amanda Perna, 28 -­ Delray Beach, FL

· Ashley Nell Tipton, 23 -­ San Diego, CA

· Blake Patterson, 24 -­ Chardon, OH, and Los Angeles, CA

· Candice Marie Cuoco, 27 -­ San Francisco, CA

· David Giampiccolo, 31 -­ Brussels, Belgium, and Los Angeles, CA

· Duncan Chambers-­Watson, 25 -­ Christchurch, New Zealand

· Edmond Newton, 36 – Union, SC, and Atlanta, GA

· Gabrielle Arruda, 27 -­ Brooklyn, NY

· Hanmiao Yang, 26 -­ Chengdu, China, and New York, NY

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