Review: Jule Vera ‘Friendly Enemies’ EP

Fresh on the bill of Vans Warped Tour this summer, Alabama Alt-Rock outfit Jule Vera are already turning heads with an eclectic ensemble of powerful, melody-driven offerings — and nowhere is this better displayed than on their new EP ‘Friendly Enemies.’

After the haunting introduction to ‘1896,’ the EP bleeds right into ‘Chemical Machine,’ — a deliciously dark sonic experience that’s as scintillating as it is sultry. The instrumentation and arrangement feels like something straight out of another time, and yet, it’s infectious enough to easily find its way onto any modern playlist. There’s definitely a chemical reaction going on with this track, and it’s very hard to “resist the attraction.”

‘Light The Night’ has an almost Reggae vibe in the way that the main guitar riff is accentuated in the verses. This track also has shades of Paramore and Tonight Alive without coming across as a mere replica. This is easily another radio-ready number that will no doubt be heard across the airwaves (if it isn’t being heard already).

At its heart, ‘Friendly Enemies,’ (if nothing else) is pure, feel-good music. Couple this with tight execution, sing-along melodies, and top-notch production value and you’ve got nothing less than lightning in a bottle. When even the radio-ready tracks have the capacity to evoke a deep emotional response, that’s when you know you’ve stumbled upon something true.

Just when you think they’ve reached their greatest depth, Jule Vera pull out ‘Die Trying’ from their bag of tricks and everything feels new again. Follow it with the designated ballad ‘Scarlet Letter,’ and it genuinely feels as though there’s nothing this band can’t do. Vocalist Ansley Newman channels the pain and frustration of her experiences in a way that really comes through. Whether she’s lashing out or lamenting, there’s a pull about her that transcends reason, and, when this ethereal quality clashes with the wall of sound that’s at the heart of Jule Vera, it’s nothing short of transformative — a sonically spiritual experience if ever there was one.

Simply put, Jule Vera are going to change the world (of music, at least).

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