32 Times Chicago Fire’s Kelly Severide Emotionally Destroyed Us All

When he and Shay were #BFFGoals.





When she was hurt, and he couldn’t keep it together.

When he held a baby.

When Hallie died, and he knew exactly where he needed to be.

When he didn’t think twice about saving Nathan.

When he stepped up for his best friend.

When he found out he had a sister, and totally rose to the occasion.

Like when he gave Otis the death stare.

Or when he went to her culinary school graduation.

Or when he threw her a surprise party.

When she went missing and he “[didn’t] know what to do.”

When they finally found her and he became the 2nd best big brother ever (only cause we all know #1 belongs to Antonio Dawson- sorry, Sev).

When Shay didn’t tell anybody about the gash in her side.

When they patched it up after a fight- cause that’s what best friends do.

When his worst nightmare came true, and he was so broken that he disappeared.

When he cried watching The Contract.

When we he cried to Lindsay.

When he saved the day- six Irish car bombs in.


When we came full circle.

When Dawson left, and Sev dropped wisdom like a hot mixtape.

When he put a hand on Dawson’s shoulder and made us all cry with her.

When this photo happened.

When he almost died and scared the shit out of us all.

When he kissed April on the cheek.

When he went ninja and walked away like NBD.

When Mommy and Daddy would NOT. STOP. FIGHTING.

When Dawson said, “I’m sorry.”

When they survived and hugged it out.

When they hugged it out again.

Moral of the story:
Severide is kind of the best.

Chicago Fire returns to NBC with new episodes on Tuesday, October 13th at 10/9c.

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