Cast Your Vote for Citizen Jack: A Brand New Ongoing Series

With the election season in its early stages (yet, in full swing), pundits are circling around the political waters like hungry sharks smelling blood. Every debate, every town hall meeting, every sound bite by a candidate feeds the hunger. Lay audiences watching at home are also salivating over political news.  Politics is the gift that keeps on giving; it is a comedy and drama rolled into one.

The time is ripe for Citizen Jack by Image Comics. Dubbed a “horror comedy series for everyone,” Citizen Jack is the brainchild of writer Sam Humphries (Guardians of the Galaxy and X Men: Black Vortex) and Tommy Patterson (Game of Thrones), a New York Times best selling artist. Citizen Jack is slated to debut on November 4, 2015.  Retailers have until October 12th to place their orders.

Citizen Jack takes the interesting premise of the devil on our shoulder, who, perhaps, manipulates our journey. Jack Noteworthy is a small town politician with a scandalous past. His partner in crime is Marlinspike, an ambitious and malevolent demon. America is poised to brace itself for the hijinks certain to transpire when two unsavory characters launch a presidential campaign.

Joining the Humphries-Patterson team in bringing Citizen Jack to life are editor Jeanine Shaefer, designer Dylan Todd, John Alderink (colors) and Rachel Feeding (letters).

Humphries calls Citizen Jack “The Great American Comic Book.”

Time will tell if this assessment is correct.

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