Cover Wars: She’s Kinda Hot

“She’s Kinda Hot” is the lead single from Australian pop-punk band, 5 Seconds of Summer’s second studio album entitled Sounds Good Feels Good. 5SOS’s drummer, Ashton Irwin, and lead guitarist, Michael Clifford, co-wrote the song with the Madden brothers of Good Charlotte and the song was produced by John Feldmann. “She’s Kinda Hot” was released on July 17, 2015 and the video was released August 3, 2015.

While I anticipated this song to float in out of my recently played playlist like most Top 40 tracks these days, I can’t seem to get it out of my head. It has quite a misleading title and the song really has an awesome message, as well as a heavier sound than 5 Seconds of Summer is known for. So, I feel that “She’s Kinda Hot” has earned my love and that is why I chose it for this week’s Cover Wars.

Here are my Top 5 covers of 5 Seconds of Summer’s “She’s Kinda Hot,” vote for your favorite below!


Cover #1

Artist: Halocene       @Halocene


Cover #2

Artist: Future Sunsets         @FutureSunsets 


Cover #3

Artist: Tori Morgan & Carson Hill        @torimorganmusic  & @carsonhhill


Cover #4

Artist: Rajiv Dhall    @JivDude


Cover #5

Artist: Lisa Bakker      @xliiisa___

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Voting ends Friday, August 28th at 10/9c pm. 

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