Exclusive Interview with Sean Stewart

Photo Credit: Sam Zachrich
Photo Credit: Sam Zachrich

Sean Stewart is the son of music legend Rod Stewart and model/actress Alana Stewart. A songwriter, philanthropist, fashion designer & TV personality, Sean can be seen in E!’s new docu-series “Stewarts & Hamiltons,” alongside family members Kimberly Stewart, Alana Stewart, Ashley Hamilton & George Hamilton.

Sean also produced and starred in A&E’s “Sons of Hollywood,” which was billed as ‘the real Entourage,’ with childhood friends Randy Spelling & David Weintraub. Sean will be launching his fashion label, DIRTY WEEKEND, this Fall.
Your new show, Stewarts & Hamiltons, premiered recently on E!. What made you and your family decide to allow cameras to follow you around? How has that experience been for you so far?
“Honestly, Its been SOOO fun. At first we were skeptical, but we got comfortable really quickly.”
There’s always speculation with reality shows that some or most of what the audience sees is scripted, at least to an extent. Can you speak to that? 
“This is all real. The true story of The Stewarts and Hamiltons.” 
Do you and your family get along and have as much fun together as it appears in the show?
“Like every other family out there, we aren’t perfect. We’re all very strong-headed but we absolutely love each other unconditionally.”
The show is expected to follow you as you launch your new fashion line, Dirty Weekend. Will the cameras complicate that process for you?
“No, I got really used to the cameras following me around. I sometimes even forget they are there! (laughs)” 
What sort of style should we expect from Dirty Weekend?
“It’s beachy, summery, easy and comfortable. It’s all based on the Lazy Los Angeles vibe.” 
How did you choose the name, Dirty Weekend?
“It was one of my Dads non-hit records. (laughs) He only really had a few non-hits. So I thought that made it stand out.”
Where and when will your clothing line be available?
“We launch this week! I’m so excited to show you all Dirty Weekend.”
Do you have anything else you’re working on now? What sort of plans do you have for the future?
“I’d love to open a restaurant someday with my dad. It’s a lifelong dream of mine.”
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