Face Off: Siren Song episode 902 recap

The challenge for episode two of Face Off seemed simple enough: Create a siren inspired by a sea animal that is both beautiful and deadly. However, for the teams of contestants the challenge itself would be the death of two of their Face Off careers.

As usual, there were false starts and locked molds … your standard Face Off fare. The kick for one team was when they noticed, once the models arrived, that they were the only team that did not do a chest mold! In fact, Sidney and Omar, whose inspiration was the Portuguese man’o’war, simply made a cowl and a staff, then draped fabric on the model for a robe. For Season 9 of the show, it was worse than an amateur move, leaving them in the bottom looks, along with Missy and Libby, whose siren inspired by a striped sturgeonfish failed to inspire the judges.

After much debate, the judges sent Sidney and Omar home.

The winning looks of the night belonged to Meg and Kevon, whose siren was inspired by a textile cone snail, and Nora and Brittany, who made a flabellina-based siren. The judges had a tough choice ahead of them, with two stunning makeups to choose from.

Meg and Kevon’s makeup was the creme of the crop for the judges, and in the end it was Meg who won the challenge.

It’s still early in the show, so it’s still anyone’s game, but with this being Libby’s second time in a row in bottom looks, will she make it through the next episode?

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