Is Kyle Chandler’s Bloodline thicker than water?

Friday Night Lights
The Florida Keys, with their scenic splendor, can be a lush oasis. Mosquitoes and sweltering temperatures, though, are the downside to this garden paradise. And the murky waters harbor their own secrets.

Kyle Chandler has found himself in the middle of destructive secrets in the Netflix original drama, Bloodline.  Chandler stars as John Rayburn, the middle son of pillars of the community the Rayburns owners of a popular hotel. John is a sheriff trying to keep law and order among the locals. But he is unable to maintain the peace in his own family. This is due, in part, to the return of his black sheep older brother Danny, played to perfection by Ben Mendelsohn. Danny had returned for the celebration of his parents’ 45th wedding anniversary. He has a strained relationship with his parents played by Sam Shepard and Sissy Spacek.

Yet, despite his failings, they welcome him home. Subsequently, Danny works at the Rayburn hotel. John and youngest sibling Meg (actress Linda Cardellini) are less than enthusiastic with their brother’s return. Still, they extend an olive branch hoping that Danny has reformed. However, their faith in Danny is put to the test when his bad decisions jeopardize the family. Soon,  tragic consequences result.

Chandler is best known for his Emmy award-winning performance as Coach Eric Taylor in Friday Night Lights, reluctant hero Gary Hobson who got tomorrow’s newspaper today in Early Edition, and Cleveland Indians baseball player Jeff Metcalf in the 1940s period drama Homefront.  He also had a memorable guest star role as doomed bomb squad leader Dylan Young in a two-part Grey’s Anatomy episode which earned him a guest star Emmy nomination. His résumé includes other notable TV (The Lyon’s Den, What About Joan, Tour of Duty) and film (Convict Cowboy, Mulholland Falls, King Kong, Super8, Argo, Zero Dark Thirty, The Wolf of Wall Street) roles.

Both Chandler and Mendelsohn are nominated for primetime Emmys for their respective roles. The Emmys will be announced in September.

Bloodline returns for its second season on Netflix in 2016.


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  1. Best Looking…Best Actor…Kyle Chandler! He should have won the Emmy. We flew from Chicago to Austin to meet with other Kyle Chandler Fans to celebrate his 50th Birthday. Wish he had been there too. We are all looking forward to the Second Season of “Bloodline” in 2016. Thanks for the great story.

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