Ladies of Supernatural Convention launch Represent T-shirt campaign

fans are passionate about the Winchesters and just as passionate about conventions where they can meet the show’s actors and mingle with other fans. The excitement in the air is palpable; fans who have enjoyed the convention experience have often returned for subsequent conventions in many locales. First time convention goers cherish this joyful nirvana.
Interestingly enough, however, most Supernatural conventions boast mainly the male actors with few female actresses participating. The Ladies of Supernatural convention hopes to rectify this situation by convening the first all female Supernatural convention slated for sometime next spring. In addition to inviting the various actresses that have appeared on the show, convention organizers would like to include the talented female writers, directors and other crew members. Social media response on Twitter and Facebook has been overwhelmingly positive with many of the potential participants receptive and enthusiastic to the idea.
To aid in its fundraising efforts, Ladies of Supernatural convention recently launched a represent T-shirt campaign with proceeds going to offset the operation costs of the convention. There are 2 weeks remaining on the campaign.
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