Most Shocking Moments of MTV’s Scream…So Far

So there are just three episodes left of MTV’s new horror television series, Scream, based on the slasher movie franchise of the same name. It’s been a wild and thrilling murder filled ride which has had me on the edge of my seat. While I desperately count the days until the next episode, I thought it would fun to take a trip down Scream‘s blood stained memory lane with some of the most shocking moments we’ve seen on our screens so far.

Warning: This does include spoilers for the show up until last Tuesday’s immensely intense episode. So if you haven’t seen the show yet (And why not? The first episode is available on YouTube), go watch it and then come back!

1. Dead Pool Party

Don’t you just hate it when someone throws your friend’s head into the hot tub when you’re trying to relax?
Bella Thorne is the Drew Barrymore of the show after her character Nina gets killed off within the first eight minutes. While I knew her death was coming, I just wasn’t counting on a poor, decapitated Tyler joining her in the water. However, I think we can all agree that Nina’s bloody demise definitely prepared us for the rest of the horrors Scream had in store.

2. Bye, Bye Riley

Probably one of the most heartbreaking moments as of yet was losing Riley. I’ll admit that I may not have forgiven Emma for her slip up which led to Riley’s tragic end in episode three. Especially because I adored the build up of her relationship with Noah. Of course, it had to be cut short. Curse you, writers!

3. Return of Tyler’s Head

I think we can rule Tyler out of being the killer after his decapitated – and now decomposing – head made another appearance.
When Emma, Audrey and Noah attempt to grab Brandon James’ mask while escaping the creepy, abandoned hospital they thought would be a good idea to venture to, they get a little more than they bargained for when Tyler’s head drops to floor to say hello. It’s both shocking, gross and humorous all at the same time. Death has not been kind to you, Tyler.

4. Secrets and Scandals

As the series goes on it becomes increasingly evident that Brooke can’t trust the men in her life. Jake shows her a video that her father, Lakewood’s mayor, has been gravely trying to hide. The tape shows Mayor Maddox dragging a dead body out of his car’s trunk and into the house. If that didn’t set alarm bells ringing in your head, then the next part definitely did. The timestamp on the video states that it was a taken a day after her mother supposedly left for a vacation. Hm… something tells me Mrs. Maddox isn’t really lounging by the beach?
Shady fathers aside, we can’t trust Brooke’s lover either. We haven’t seen much of Mr. B recently, but we know he isn’t who he says he is. With the malware on his laptop that can connect the downloader to wherever it wants, we can bet that there’s going to be an even more shocking revelation surrounding Lakewood’s rather swoon-worthy Language Arts teacher very soon.

5. Is it Audrey?

If you weren’t suspicious of Audrey before, you are now. Just what was her DNA doing on the inside of the Brandon James mask? Who knows. Also, that incriminating video showing a rather furious Audrey threatening to take revenge on Nina for releasing the video of her and Rachel has shown that she’s perhaps not as innocent as first presumed. I’ve got my eye on you, Audrey!

6. Oh no! Not Will!

Why does anyone in Lakewood think going to dark, abandoned buildings is a good idea? OK, I do feel a little bit sorry for Will. He was trying to put things right. But, he chose the completely wrong location for it. Surely he knows by now that there’s a serial killer on the prowl murdering everyone and anyone close to his beloved ex Emma? Yet, an empty parking lot seemed like a good idea. Wrong. Turns out our masked killer likes deserted car parks too. What are the chances?

7. Found him!

Can we just rename this show to A Series of Bad Ideas?
The quest to find Will, who has been kidnapped, leads the gang to a disused bowling alley. Oh, the joy! Upon finding the bloody and bruised jock, Noah has the not-so-genius idea of opening the door to jokingly look for the killer. And guess who was waiting on the other side? None other than our resident murderer themselves.

8. Suspicious stabbing

I’m just going to say that I’m convinced that Jake is one of the killers. I am so completely confident that he is involved somehow in all of this. There’s no way he could’ve survived after supposedly getting stabbed in what looks like the heart. While a surprising moment, this is a little too convenient.

9. Oh no! Not Will! …Again.

Twice in the same episode do we see Will Belmont threatened with losing his life. Only this time he actually did die, and it’s all kind of Emma’s fault. While it was an accident, she did trigger the wire set up by Brandon James that gave Will one of the most gruesome deaths we have seen so far in this series. Fed into a piece of farm machinery, we saw his blood get spewed all over his distraught ex-girlfriend. Talk about a way to end an episode! I haven’t been this upset about a death since Jon Snow. #RIPWILL.

I’m sure if the promo for episode eight is anything to go by then we can expect a lot more twists, turns and horror galore in the upcoming episodes.

While season one is almost over we can share comfort in the fact that Scream has been renewed for a second season. But which of Emma’s friends and family will even make it past the first season?

Who do you think is the killer? Vote now!

Scream airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on MTV

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