Night Riots and New Beat Fund Remix

Night Riots and New Beat Fund, two bands sharing long road trips, have gone up and beyond by remixing each other’s songs. Having spent majority of the summer together touring on the same bus, the Southern California bands have remixed songs from each other’s albums and teamed with WeTransfer to share with their fans.

“The songs fall somewhere between cover versions and remixes,” says Night Riots’ lead vocalist Travis Hawley. “We love what those guys did with out song. They made it their own and we did the same with theirs.”

The bands’ friendship goes way back after being introduced through mutual friends. They made the decision to share a bus together for this summer’s Warped Tour. “While living on the road we really got to enter one another’s creative brain space,” says New Beat Fund guitarist/vocalist Jeff Laliberte. “It was a lot of fun to twist and reimagine the songs to see our vibes complement each other.”

Fans can download the two tracks here. For more information on New Beat Fund check out their site: and for Night Riots here:

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