UnREAL season finale preview

‘When bad people do bad things, it makes great television’ is the tagline for Lifetime’s UnREAL. It proved to be true as the show about the behind the scenes drama on producing a reality show became one of the most talked about new series of the summer season.

UnREAL ends its first season on August 3 and you can count on it being an explosive event for the Everlasting crew.

When last we left off, Quinn had discovered Adam and Rachel in a compromising position via an unintentional video recording. Using the situation to her advantage, she threatened to tell Jeremy unless Rachel agreed to go into business with her. Adam, sick of being the bachelor on display, suggested he and Rachel run away together.

What will Rachel decide?

Will eligible bachelor Adam take a bride in Everlasting?

And how will viewers survive the wait until Season 2?

UnREAL’s finale airs Monday, August 3 at 10/9 c pm on Lifetime.

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