Who is Lydia? A Significant Mother character profile

significant-mother-01When a woman marries and starts a family at a young age, she often looses her own identity in the process.

Such is the case with Significant Mother‘s Lydia Marlowe (Krista Allen). Lydia spent many years being mother to son Nate (Josh Zuckerman) and wife to Harrison (Jonathan Silverman). But who was she outside of these family roles? How did she find personal fulfillment as a person and woman?

When Harrison cheated on her, Lydia must have felt as though the bottom dropped out of her world. What was she going to do now?

Lydia had known Jimmy for years. Afterall, he is Nate’s best friend. But it’s doubtful whether she envisioned anything romantic happening between them. Sensitive and understanding Jimmy probably offered a shoulder to cry on. Lydia couldn’t very well share her pain with Nate. How could she possibly talk with her son about problems with his father and in her marriage?

Now, Harrison is realizing his mistake and wants his wife back. But Lydia is committed to a relationship with Jimmy.

Her visiting mother, Gammy (Linda Gray) will give Lydia something else to deal with. She’ll definitely feel like a disappointment to her disapproving mom and will more than likely do anything to keep the truth about dating a much younger man from Gammy to avoid her disdain.

Significant Mother creators and writers Erin Cardillo and Richard Keith have written the character of Lydia as a woman with who other women can relate. Viewers want to see Lydia and Jimmy’s romance grow and blossom.


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