Winterthorne premieres online

After months of excitement swirling around social media, the long-awaited, highly anticipated Winterthorne premiered online on August 27. The newest soap, that centers around the escapades of the Winterthorne family who rule over a candy empire, has already amassed a substantial online following.

The opening sequence is visually appealing. Stunning cinematography and a chilling voiceover narration skillfully entices viewers and whets their curiosity as to what the promised secrets might be. Further, a stirring score speaks to the intrigue destined to unfold.

Although the first episode is roughly 24 minutes long, it is jammed pack with plot potential.

Martha Madison, best known as Days of Our Lives’ Belle, is Miranda Winterthorne. The Winterthorne saga gravitates around her and she is more than capable of accepting this challenge. Her portrayal is riveting. Miranda is a strong woman who is fiercely protective of her family’s legacy. Flashbacks tease with suspense overtones. The dialogue is snappy and is sprinkled with hints of foreshadowing.”Don’t you ever get tired of death? Don’t you ever wish that we could go back to when we were the good ones?” Miranda laments. Viewers are left to wonder what darkness plagues Miranda’s soul.

Linda Gray gives a stellar performance as Joanna, Miranda’s mother. She presents an icy veneer as she commands that her daughter embrace strength rather than complacency.

So many suspense hooks were created by this premiere. To quote Joanna: ” When the time is right, you will know.”

Episode 2 of Winterthorne will be available online next week. Go to

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