4 Reasons Why You Should Watch Arrow Season 4

After an antsy four month hiatus, the CW’s Arrow is returning October 7th. With just a month away from the premiere, the network released the first official trailer for Season 4.

In case you still need reasons why you should watch the upcoming season of Arrow, these may help:

Olicity. More like domestic Olicity! During the Season 3 finale our favorite couple drove off into the sunset to an unknown destination. Now we see that they have a new home and are being quite lovey-dovey. As some fans have said, “They look married”. Oliver’s happy, Felicity’s happy, so we’re all happy!

Now that they’re official, I’m looking forward to seeing how their relationship will pan out. We know Starling City still needs the Arrow or…Green Arrow.  Can Olicity stay committed?

A new villain is in town. He goes by the name of Damien Darhk played by Neal McDonugh. Darhk is the leader and former member of the League of Assassins.

Oliver’s new and improved suit/ Diggle’s ALL-NEW suit! Before the trailer was released, during the Arrow panel at San Diego Comic Con back in July, Stephen Amell showcased the new and improved Green Arrow suit. We were also given a teaser of Diggle’s new fighting gear. That got us excited for the official one.

Now that Diggle’s in disguise, it makes you wonder what he’ll be up against? Hopefully Oliver and Diggle will be able to reconcile this season! We love our Arrow bromance!

BAD-ASS Black Canary and Speedy! In the trailer, we see Laurel and Thea kicking butt. Can’t wait for more fight scenes from these bad-ass women!

In case you missed the trailer, you can watch it below.

We also get a glimpse of Constantine and Mr. Terrific (Felicity’s new bestie?)

Don’t miss the season premiere of Arrow, October  7th. At 8pm/7c only on the CW!


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