5 Characters We Hope to See Return On Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead, a spin-off from the uber popular television series, The Walking Dead, made a successful debut on network television with an astonishing total of 13.3 million viewers per Nielsen reports. Now with a record-breaking premiere in the books, fans have naturally began asking questions about the new series such as, will it reveal how the outbreak started, what are some of the plot twists, and will any of the characters from The Walking Dead make an appearance in the series?

The last question was particularly interesting to me. What if you could pick 5 characters from The Walking Dead to appear on the new show, who would it be? Below are my 5 picks.

1.) Hershel – He was a father figure, mentor, and a part-time psychologist for the group. And if you weren’t in tears when this character died on the show, than you’re not human! He’d fit right in to the current cast of Fear the Walking Dead.

2.) Shane – He’s a wildcard, a true Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. On one hand, I could see him being a team player and actually trying to help people survive during the outbreak. But on the other hand, I could also see him flying off the loose end and trying to kill anyone who wasn’t on board with his plans. Nonetheless, that was the beauty of his character – you never knew which Shane was going to show up to the party.

3.) Merle – Why not throw a narcissistic, sexist-maniac into the beginning of a zombie apocalypse? He’d be similar to that reality show cast member who was just brought in to stir things up.

4.) Andrea – After losing her sister, then her mentor Dale, and having her heart-broken by The Governor, I always had a soft spot for Andrea. She always thought with her heart, which ultimately lead to her death. But she embodied the emotional struggle that everyone goes through in everyday life and in her case, during a zombie apocalypse. So yes, I’m emotionally invested in this character. Please bring her back!

5.) The Governor – Before he became a one-eyed control freak, he was a proud father and husband. During season 4 of The Walking Dead, the writers gave us a glimpse of The Governor as a family man when he met the Chamblers. So under the right circumstance and with the right family, he could be great leader. However, if the first episode is any indication, the family at the center of Fear the Walking Dead seems to be very dysfunctional. He would probably end up resorting to his old ways and kill half of them before the show ended. Still, I’d love to see him bring back his carnage.

* Honorable Mention: T.Dog – I’d like to see him back in the series just so I could get more information into his background. The writers never delved into much of this character’s history during his 3 year run on the show.

The network has already ordered a second season consisting of 15 episodes. So let’s start the discussion and try to begin predicting what will happen next on the show. In the meantime, tell me of some of the characters you’d like to see make a return to the series.

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