5 Things Fans May Want to See in Significant Mother Season 2

Although it hasn’t been renewed yet, here are 5 things Significant Mother fans may want to see in Season 2.

  1. An old girlfriend of Jimmy appears. Jimmy and Lydia’s relationship seems to be growing each episode. Fans may want to see how they handle the challenge of an ex’s arriving, particularly a sexy old girlfriend of Jimmy’s.
  2. Lydia is mistaken for Jimmy’s mother. How would Lydia deal if people thought she was Jimmy’s mother? Would her self-esteem be affected? Inquiring fans may want to know.
  3. Jimmy and Nate as kids. Viewers may want to see the origin of Jimmy and Nate’s friendship. Wouldn’t it be fun to also see Jimmy and Lydia’s first meeting through flashbacks?
  4. Nate realizes he has feelings for Sam. What would Nate do if he realized he had feelings for Sam? What he admit them to her?
  5. Linda Gray returns as Gammy. The storyline possibilities are endless. Fans may want to see what Gammy will do if she were in another episode.


Significant Mother airs Mondays at 9:30/8:30c on The CW.

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