5 Things Fans Want to See in the Supernatural Season 11 Premiere

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for episodes that may have not aired in some regions.

The Darkness is Coming!

Supernatural Season 10 found the Winchesters facing a foe that may be their most dangerous yet.

With the Supernatural  Season 11 premiere only 4 weeks away, here are 5 things fans want to see:

1.  Sam and Dean escape The Darkness. The Supernatural Season 10 finale ended with Sam and Dean trapped in the Impala as The Darkness engulfed Baby. Fans want to see the premiere unfold from this point showing how they escape.

2.  The end of the line for Castiel and Crowley.  After Rowena performed the spell to rid Dean of the Mark of Cain, she cast another one immobilizing Crowley and turning Castiel beastie. The finale saw Castiel coming towards Crowley with a raised angel blade as Crowley yells “Don’t!” Did Castiel kill Crowley once and for all? Or did he fall victim to Rowena’s spell? Fans want to learn the fates of The King of Hell and their favorite Angel.

3.  What is The Darkness?  Viewers glimpsed The Darkness in Supernatural‘s Season 10 finale and saw what looked like a bunch of demon black smoke rising from the ground and forming together into one giant black smoke.But what is The Darkness really? Fans want to know!

4.  Sam and Dean figure out how to fight The Darkness.  After escaping from The Darkness, Sam and Dean head to the Men of Letters bunker in full research mode. They find an old text that reveals how to fight The Darkness.

5.  Rowena wrecks havoc with the Codex.  A powerful witch with an even more powerful spell book. What does she do with it?

The wait is almost over.

Supernatural Season 11 premieres Wednesday, October 8 at 9/8c on The CW.


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