And the MTV Scream Killer is…

It’s almost been a week since Scream: The TV Series‘ intense finale and the identity of the Lakewood killer has been revealed. Major props to MTV for not making us wait five seasons to find out who our antagonist was *cough* Pretty Little Liars *cough*.

With a dedication to the horror legend Wes Craven who recently passed away, episode ten was full of screams, shocks and even more deaths that it has taken a couple of days for me to process what the hell went down.

Warning: This will contain spoilers!

So who is the masked villain picking off the Lakewood residents one by one?

It’s podcast host Piper Shaw!

Some fans of the show already figured this out, so it may not comes as a shock.

All along the Scream gang were convinced it was Brandon James and Daisy’s son causing havoc. However,  Piper happily reminded us not to jump to old-fashioned conclusions, “You were so easily convinced that it had to be his son who was swinging the knife, but it’s 2015, Emma. Sexist, much?”
Have we learned nothing from Gone Girl? Women can be just as cunning and capable of dark deeds as men!

But Ms. Shaw was not acting alone.

One way the sneaky reporter threw us off her tracks was the fact that she, too, had been attacked by the killer.

Noah even highlighted this when he took on the podcaster role for Piper’s show. After all, she was too deceased to report it herself…that and the fact she’s the slasher. “The thing that I can’t figure out is, who attacked Piper and Will Belmont at the old car dealership? Who was wearing the mask that night?” our nerdy brainiac wondered in a voiceover as the surviving Lakewood residents were shown finally moving on with their lives. We saw lovebirds Emma and Kieran getting cosy in the Duval living room, Jake thinking of Brooke, and Mr. Branson was being released from prison. But what was Audrey up to?

The teen had initially been questioned by the cops over why her DNA was on the killer’s mask, but she walked free and the blame fell to Branson. However, we can hazard a very good guess that Piper was not acting alone because while the rest of the town’s teens were recovering from the aftermath Audrey was busy some burning letters exchanged between her and Piper. Also going down in flames were the sheriff’s department notes on the original Brandon James case which could have been used by the pair to plan their crimes.

So it seems our badass fave Audrey is Piper’s accomplice! Say it isn’t so!

And if she is, why would she try to pin the killings on Kieran? After all, she seemed so hellbent at the dance on telling Emma her new boyfriend was the one terrorising them. If Audrey knew it was Piper, then why was she trying to place all the blame on Kieran? Perhaps it was to destroy the blossoming romance between Audrey’s old friend Emma and the new kid in town?

Noah said it best when wrapping up his podcasting stint, “Piper left behind a lot of nagging question. So my question is simple: Is it finally over, or is there more to come?

My answer for Noah is that there is certainly more to come. Didn’t he hear the news that Scream has been renewed for a second season? I’m willing to bet there will be more bloodshed and shocks to come. The only downside? It’s next year which will surely feel like an eternity. How heartbroken will Noah and Emma be when they find out Audrey was connected to the killer and could have had a responsibility in ending the lives of their significant others Riley and Will?

Audrey’s likely to be determined to keep the secret to herself especially after having rekindled her friendship with Emma. That’s probably why she killed Piper. What do you think? Did you guess who the killer was right off the bat or did the big reveal cause your jaw to drop to the floor?

Scream will return in 2016.

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