Book Review: Crave by Ty Langston

When an overworked reporter investigates the disappearance of a young woman and her connection to a rising rock band, the reporter finds herself embroiled in a surreal mystery with very high stakes. Author Ty Langston accomplishes an impressive feat: she masterfully creates a fantastical world, yet she infuses it with real characters and real emotions. Her protagonist, Harper Erkstine, is a woman focused on her career. Romance seems to take a backseat. But romance soon finds her. Enter Cass St. Marie, an attractive, charismatic singer with smoldering eyes and an infectious Southern drawl. Cass mesmerizes Harper. But there is more to him than physical perfection.

Langston writes characters who leap from the page right into the reader’s heart. Her protagonists are real and accessible. We can identify with their desires and recognize their flaws within ourselves. In addition, Langston incorporates a historical narrative with intriguing supernatural elements. This creative technique enables the story to transcend to another level of excellence while still maintaining reader interest.

The suspense factor is heighten by an unforeseen sequence of events that place Harper in peril and reveals Cass’ mysterious past. Rather than retreat from Cass, Harper’s destiny is connected to this man as she is further sucked into his world.

Crave has revenge as one of its themes. The central antagonist, Marcus LeMond, is written as a force to be reckoned with, a powerhouse who commands loyalty and fear among his underlings. LeMond is Cass’ adversary and hellbent on exacting revenge on the singer. Darien unknowingly made herself a pawn in LeMond’s nefarious schemes.

Crave is well-written, romantic and suspenseful. Clearly, Langston paid homage to the writers who came before her by exploring character psychology in crafting her tale. Readers are rewarded by her efforts. I highly recommend this book.

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