Can Fraternal Twins Have Twinstinct?

The reality competition Twinning has been exploring the unique mental ability to read each other’s mind that identical twins seem to possess. The show has dubbed this ability twinstinct.

But do fraternal twins share this unexplained gift as well?

There have been cases where fraternal twins are able to sense the emotion or feelings of their twin. On rare occasions, they have even shared the same dream. As a fraternal twin, I can attest to having personally experienced both of these. Although there are more documented cases of this happening between identical twins, it shouldn’t be ruled out that fraternal twins can experience twinstinct.

If Twinning is renewed for a second season, it would be interesting if fraternal twins are allowed into the competition to test this theory.

Twinning airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on VH1.

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