Dark Matter Creator Joe Mallozzi Talks Season 2

imagesDark Matter creator Joe Mallozzi has scored a major success this week as his show was renewed for a second season. First, he created the comic to pitch the show; now, the show is greenlit for another action-packed season. We asked Joe some questions about the fans, season 2, and the future of Dark Matter.


How does it feel seeing your show complete its first season with such a strong and loyal fan following?


“To be honest, it feels “just like old times”.  This takes me back to my time on Stargate and its phenomenal fanbase.  Genre fans are passionate about their favorite shows and I greatly appreciate the support viewers have shown for Dark Matter.”


Were you surprised by the fan response?


I wasn’t all that surprised by the fan response simply because we set out to make a show that would offer viewers twists, turns and plenty of surprises – and I think we succeeded.  Another element of the show that I think resonates with the fans is its sense of humor – something that parallels our time on Stargate.  I’ve often said that humor goes such a long way toward humanizing our characters and allowing viewers to connect with them.”


You have been faithfully live tweeting along with each episode–even tweeting again for the West Coast airings–as well as doing Periscope. Do you enjoy the interactions with the fans?


Hey, it’s the least I can do for their support – and I try to reward them to the best of my abilities, live tweeting, periscoping, doing interviews and, most importantly, blogging daily (haven’t missed a day in 8 years) and offering them atypical behind-the-scenes access on what will hopefully become their favorite show.”


 What were you doing when you got the news that Dark Matter was renewed for a second season?


I was actually sitting at my laptop, working on a story for season 2.  I was feeling cautiously optimistic!”


Was there ever any doubt that Dark Matter would be renewed?


To paraphrase the Magic 8 Ball “Signs pointed to yes”.  Our numbers were consistent and the viewer reaction was very positive so, like I said, I was cautiously optimistic.  But did I have my doubts?  Sure.  This is an uncertain business.  Back when I was working on Stargate, I was certain Stargate: Atlantis would get a sixth season and that Stargate: Universe would get a final third season to wrap up its story…until they didn’t.”


Had you already started planning season 2, or were you waiting for the word from SyFy?


I mapped out season 2 in my head years ago.  After wrapping our first season, I started envisioning our 13 chapter second year and, in August, we convened the writer’s room and broke roughly half the season.  We still have some stories to break – oh, and write – but we know exactly where we’re headed.  And it’s going to be HUGE!”


What, if anything, can you tell us about the plans for next season?


Viewers can looks forward to further exploration of our characters, their relationships, world-building, bigger and badder tech and weapons, shocks, surprises, humor, more spectacular VFX sequences, returning villains, a couple of Big Bads, more colorful characters, and more than a few WTF?!! moments.”


Do you have anything else in the works right now?


I have four pilots I’d like to go out with – whenever I find the time.”


Is there anything you’d like to say to the show’s fans?


“Thanks for supporting Dark Matter!  Come swing by the blog for behind-the-scenes insights, pics, and videos.  Today’s entry features a deleted scene from our season finale.  We’ve got an upcoming fan Q&A with Dark Matter’s FOUR, Alex Mallari Jr. upcoming – and much, much more!”


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