Dragon Con Day 2 & 3: Bitten, KPop and Stitchers

On Day 2 of Dragon Con I spent my time exploring the Walk of Fame where celebrity guests signed autographs and took pictures with fans. Check out the autographs I got.

Rebekah Isaacs
Merrin Dungey
Kristen Bauer
Joanne Kelly


Stephen Amell


After my near death experience as a fan-boy, I spent the next hour waiting on the Bitten panel. The cast was very enthused and excited to greet fans. They answered questions ranging from their impressions of the Bitten book series to if horse sized ducks were scarier than duck sized horses (And they answered it seriously).

Greg teased Stephen about his many similarities to his character. Laura took video of the cast and the audience as she walked on stage.


Greyston, Michael and Stephen dished on shirtless auditions, as well as awkward closet grunting as their characters transformed into wolves. We almost had #BrokeBackBitten trending; here’s to next year.



Here’s a mini interview with Bitten fan Melissa on her love for the show.

Melissa: “Well I read all the books, so I’ve been a Bitten fan for years. And then I discovered the TV show, and binged watched it all on Netflix. I’m just excited to hear what the actors of the show have to say about their characters and how much fun it is. It’s a fun show.”



Are you a fan of the supernatural genre?

Melissa: “Oh, big time. I love it. I read an hour to an hour and a half every night of urban fantasy and then I watch all the shows. I’m addicted to it.”


On Day 3 I spent my time at the K Pop (Korean Pop Music) panel and the Stitchers Fan Panel.


The K Pop panel was an hour-long music video fest of South Korea’s top stars singing their hearts out in flamboyant, colorful, and powerful music videos.


Some of the artists featured were U-Kiss, 2ne1, Big Bang, SHINee, Hyuna, and the Wonder Girls.


After this excursion I made my way to the Stitchers fan panel.

Fans of Stitchers banded together to theorize what’s going to happen in season 2, our favorite moments in season 1, and if Camsten has a real chance. Most were on the side of Camsten, but few fans (including me) are rooting for Kirsten and Detective Fisher.


Some fans theorized that Kirsten’s biological father is pulling the strings behind the Stitchers program.

Others theorized that the victims being stitched into aren’t just coincidence, but are part of a larger organization that is controlling every aspect of the Stitchers program. I cannot wait for season 2.


Look out for Day 4 of my Dragon Con coverage!

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