The Last Day of Dragon Con

The last day of Dragon Con is a sight to behold. A relaxed atmosphere is created, as the lines for panels are virtually non-existent. Con attendees are checking out of hotels (usually hungover) and celebrity guests are more relaxed (usually hungover) as the convention ends its festivities. As the day drew to a close, I attended two back to back panels, DC United and Defiance.

DC United Panel

In the DC United Panel, Matt Nable (Arrow), Katie Cassidy (Arrow), and Danielle Panabaker (The Flash) sat down to talk shop with fans in one last hurrah. The crowd went wild as one of the last panels of the day went off without a hitch.


Danielle and Matt welcome Katie as the last panelist. She graciously accepts.


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Danielle Panabaker talks about her experience as a child actress and why she thinks so many child stars go off the rails. She doesn’t know, but she’s happy that she didn’t go down that path.


Matt listens intently as Danielle discusses her character’s drunk personality. He then asks if their characters could get a drink together.


Katie has fun with an audience member and details her fondness of being a badass on Arrow.


Matt takes a sip of water before answering how his portrayal of Ra’s al Ghul on Arrow differed from Liam Neeson’s in The Dark Knight Rises. Matt responded that he took his own approach to the super villain role.

He also stated that he’s been portraying the character longer than Neeson and that Arrow’s Ra’s al Ghul so he could play around more with the character.


Defiance Panel

Most of the cast was in attendance, with exception of Grant Bowler, Jaime Murray and Julie Benz. But audiences were excited to speak to cast-mates Graham Greene, Tony Curran, Stephanie Leonidas, Jesse Rath and Trenna Keating.



The hashtag #RenewDefiance was all the rage at this years Dragon Con.

Fans expressed their outrage at Syfy for taking so long to make a decision about the show, but it didn’t stop the fans or the cast from speculating what could possibly happen in the future.


Jesse told fans that he wishes his character could one day win a fight.


Graham gives a final word to fans as he leaves to catch a flight for his next project.
Graham receives hugs from the cast and a standing ovation from the audience as he heads out.


Trenna tells a risqué story about Jesse pretending to “potty” as different characters from the show. It got big laughs, especially when Jesse recreated it for fans (Side note, Jesse’s impersonations are pretty spot on).


Tony expresses his urge to act with Stephanie since their characters rarely have any scenes together. Stephanie tells the audience how it was freezing cold when they shot the opening scenes for the third season.



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