Exclusive Interview with Alex Angelo


Though not quite 15 years old, Alex Angelo has already made a name for himself as a DJ, music artist, and dancer. He has been very active on Radio Disney, and in addition to just completing two tours he has released a new video for the single “Turn Me Up.”

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What got you interested in mixing music and being a DJ? 

“It all started on an app on my dad’s iPad. I was just messing around on a DJ app and had so much fun. My parents saw me really into it and said that I could buy some used equipment if I wanted to try DJing for real. I had saved up some birthday money so we bought some old equipment on Craigslist. We set it up in my basement and I couldn’t stop messing with it!”

What’s it like working with choreographer Flii Stylz?

“I absolutely love working with Flii Stylz. I have so much respect for him and the way he teaches. We spend hours dancing but we also talk about life. I feel so blessed to be learning from him. He’s a genius.”

How do you stay fit enough for take after take of that rigorous dancing? 

“I try to get plenty of rest and drink lots of water. I also like to eat!”

Is it tough being so young in the music industry?

“I want to be respected in the music industry. Respected for my art and my talent. I want people to know that I am genuine and the real deal and that I’m only 14 (almost 15!). You have to make your mark and stand out. I think because I DJ, dance and sing it puts me in my own lane which I like. People usually think I’m about 16 or 17. I am an old soul and present myself as older just naturally.”

Do you worry about the future? Are you afraid of going down the road so many child stars end up on?

“I don’t worry about that because I have good parents and good people around me. My family is very protective of who we let into our circle. I have to be a good person and trust that I will make good decisions.”

What’s it like trying to balance schoolwork with touring? Do you have tutors on hand that follow you to sets, shows, and tours?
“I do online school which helps with my schedule. I can do my school work when I have time. I started school when I was on the Megan Nicole tour and was doing school work on the tour bus. My mom would let me sleep in until about ten then I’d get up and do my school work before we’d get to the venue to unload. My mom was a school teacher before she quit her job to support me full time. She helps me with school when I need it.”
In ten or fifteen years, do you still see yourself mixing music and making videos, or do you have something else planned for the future? 

“I absolutely see myself having a long career in music. I hope to be producing for various artists and doing a residency in Vegas or somewhere else where people can come to my show to see me perform!”

What are your other interests besides music? Do you like comics, movies, TV, etc.? 

“I like playing video games with my friends online. A lot of my friends still live in Cleveland so we talk and play games. I also spend my off time producing and writing music. It’s fun and one day I want to put out my own original music created entirely by me.”

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