Kaylee Johnston Has “the One” with New Single


unnamedWith her self-titled debut EP due out October 23, Kaylee Johnston is showing that she’s the one to listen to with her single “Are You the One.” Both pining and seductive, the song combines catchy pop beats with R&B tones and a rap-like breakdown that pulls you in and leaves you breathless.

With lyrics like “Boy/you’ve got met hooked on you and I/I can’t stop checking my phone/I haven’t heard from you in days,” she conveys the yearning of a new relationship. While lines like “I just want you to see me naked/but not just clothes off/like when I can just be myself/’cause around you it’s like no one else/I feel so real” show a power and confidence that’s not often seen in your typical “Ooh baby”-type song.

Kaylee manages to communicate both a desire for an end to loneliness and a strength to confront the potential “One” and demand an answer. The result is a beautiful dichotomy that both enthralls and enchants.

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